Podcast Episode 17 - Mischa Partridge: Pro Bmx and Track Cyclist Turned Athletic Therapist

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Steed Cycles podcast! This time around we're talking with Mischa Partridge, pro BMX and track cyclist turned Athletic therapist. Mischa is another one of those guys that's spent a lot of time racing bikes on a pro level, which has set him up well for the rest of his career. 

Mischa Partridge

Mischa started riding BMX as a kid and took up racing at the late(ish) age of 11. He progressed quickly and wound up racing for many years on the Canadian National BMX team internationally, which gave him a great understanding of the world of high-performance sport and a unique perspective that many people don't have. BMX racing is an extremely high intensity sport, and having spent his fair share of time injured and working with therapists and learning how to rehabilitate himself, Mischa developed an interest in physical therapy and exericise therapy himself.

Mischa Partridge


These experiences lead Mischa to pursue a career in athletic therapy - he gained a bachelor's degree in sports and exercise therapy and is a certified athletic therapist. Following his passion for racing and competition, Mischa spent a season working with the Candian National BMX team, this time as their travelling therapist and now is working with Volleyball Canada, despite admittedly not being a volleyball buff, the human body still works and responds the same.

Mischa is a super talented and interesting person with a lot of knowledge and passion to share with the rest of us. Tune in and listen to his story!