Podcast Episode 16 - Tammy Brimner: One of Vancouver’s Best-Known Cycling Photograpers

Podcast Episode 16 - Tammy Brimner: One of Vancouver’s Best-Known Cycling Photograpers

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Steed Cycles podcast - this week we've got Tammy Brimner of TLB Velo Photography. Tammy is one of Vancouver's best-known cycling photographers - if you've raced a road bike in Vancouver, chances are you've probably heard of Tammy, or TLB Velo. The thing about photographers though is that they're always behind the lens, and not in front of it. This time in an effort to learn more about one of the pillars of our local community we're putting Tammy in front of the lens.

Tammy Brimner
Photo: Matt Lazzarotto

Tammy only took up cycling photography back in 2015 when her husband took up road racing, and was trying to get shots of him and his team racing. Her scope quickly escalated to taking photos of the whole race and her reputation grew with it as well as her skills. Tammy takes amazing photos of both local and international races - many of which of she provides to the riders free of charge. Tammy is one of those selfless members of the Cycling community that gives her all to ensure that people are having a great time and loving bikes, and it's amazing to see.

Tammy Brimner TLB Velo
Photo: Tammy Brimner 

When Covid hit in 2020 in-person racing took a backseat, which meant that Tammy wasn't able to take race photos any more. Zwift racing started to become something to replace in-person races in 2020, and Tammy started to experiment with taking shots of the Zwift races and later RGT Cycling - first experimenting with taking photos of the screen using her phone, and later creating a Zwift account and taking screenshots this way. Tammy seems to be one of few people doing this, and together with her editing skills means she's had some enviable opportunities as the 'photographer' for some high level Zwift races over the last couple of years. It's this experimentation and dedication that meant she received the Cycling BC award of Innovator of the Year in 2020.

Tune in to hear all about Tammy's photography, her path through the community and some fun stories. 


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