2024 Trail Days with NSMBA and Santa Cruz Bicycles

2024 Trail Days with NSMBA and Santa Cruz Bicycles

That time of year is back again, where we hit the trails to give them some much needed maintenance. As a local bike shop, we feel a responsibility to help maintain the trails - without our incredible network of trails, we wouldn't have the community and customer base that we do. That's why we've partnered with the NSMBA as a TAP (Trail Adoption Plan) sponsor with Santa Cruz Bicycles on our chosen trail, Pennzoil. This means that as well as providing a financial contribution to the NSMBA, we get to make our mark on the Shore and keep Pennzoil in good shape every year.

This is where you come in - our volunteers. As a shop we can only do so much, but with an army of volunteers, we can make a huge difference and get some real work done. The more people we can get out on the trail means less work for each person, but it also means we can work on way more trail, and the last couple of seasons we've had record turnouts. That means Pennzoil is in the best shape it ever has been, all thanks to you. That also means we've been able to spread the love to other trails, starting with Lower Expresso. 

We want to keep the good times rolling with the same amazing turnout for 2024, so here's your chance to sign up and get involved!

father and son trial building together


Update for 2024:
Due to some personal schedule changes, we are moving our trail days from fridays to Sundays 10am-2pm

For those wishing to attend, please sign up via the Google forms in the links below. Our trail days run from 10am-2pm, meeting at the bottom of Pennzoil on Braemar Rd. We appreciate any and all time you can spare, so please don't worry if you can only show up for an hour or two! All tools are provided, just bring a pair of gloves, sturdy footwear, wear appropriate clothing and bring some water. Pizza and beverages are provided at the end of the session.

Some sessions this year will be held on Lower Expresso, meeting a little further East on Braemar Rd at Dempsey/Braemar parking. We will send out a mass email the day before each trail day with any pertinent details.

Sarah Brassil talks to volunteers at a Steed trail day


Click the links below to sign up: