Godfather's Garage

It all started in the garage – even for the Godfather. 

Lube It. Send It.

From the mind of the Godfather

Godfather's Garage is a line of high-performance products. Chain lube, grease, and bike wash are all integral to keep your bike running smoothly. Tested year-round on Vancouver’s North Shore by the Godfather of Freeride himself, Wade Simmons. Godfather's Garage products will keep your bike running regardless of the conditions that you may encounter.

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Dry Lube

A thick layer of dust on your drivetrain can cause premature wear and a gritty cadence. Godfather’s Garage DRY Lubricant is specially formulated to keep your drivetrain clean by repelling dust rather than attracting it, ensuring lasting performance.

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Wet Lube

The North Vancouver skies open up for a significant portion of the year, bringing grit and grime to every ride, Godfather’s Garage WET Lube ensures smooth and enduring performance. So, you can shift your focus back to navigating slippery roots and tricky lines.

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E-bike Lube

Formulated to specifically endure high torque, extended rides, and increased stress that an E-Bike puts on a drivetrain. Godfather’s Garage E-BIKE lubricant ensures smooth shifting during those power moves, sustained climbs, and those tempting "one more lap" moments.

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All-purpose Grease

Featuring waterproof Lithium Complex formula, Godfather’s Garage grease has exceptional adhesion to protect against oxidation and corrosion. This high-performance grease is versatile, perfect for use on bolts, bearings, threads, hubs, cables, and more.

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Bike Wash Concentrate

A clean bike is a happy bike. Godfather’s Garage concentrated bike wash removes all the grit, grime, and grease on your bike that comes with riding. Non-toxic, and biodegradable formula it’s residue-free and safe for all frame materials, helmets, gloves, and riding gear.

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Foaming Spray Bottle

The perfect companion for Godfather's Garage Bike Wash. The aluminum spray bottle has a foaming head to help get the bike wash in your bikes nooks and crannies. One bottle of Bike Wash will refill the spray bottle 10 times!

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