Ready To Rally The World

Why the Roubion?

Whether blind racing or just blindly enjoying the trails as they come, the Roubion’s MX wheel combo feels like the best mix since Aperol met spritz. A 29-inch front wheel serves up high-speed stability and high rolling confidence. Meanwhile the 27.5-inch rear wheel makes for an intuitive and highly maneuverable rear end that loves to get sideways around the most ragged of switchbacks. We’re pretty sure there’s no better bike to tackle alpine terrain.

  1. Front Travel: 160mm
  2. Rear Travel: 150mm
  3. Wheel size: MX

Technical Details

In the Low position, the shock rate becomes more progressive, particularly at the end of the stroke, and there’s some bottom-out resistance to be gained. In the High setting, the bike rides a little higher in its travel and supplies the rider with more mid-stroke support.

  • Adjustable Geometry
  • The Glovebox
  • Lifetime Warranty


hi/lo hi/lo hi/lo
A | Reach (hi/lo) 405/402 430/427 455/452
B | Stack (hi/lo) 594/595 617/619 626/628
C | Head Tube Angle (hi/lo) 64.7°/64.5° 64.7°/64.5° 64.7°/64.5°
D | Seat Tube Length (hi/lo) 370/370 380/380 405/405
E | Front Center (hi/lo) 722/722 757/757 786/786
F | BB Height (hi/lo) 344/341 344/341 344/341
G | BB Drop (rear) (hi/lo) 10/13 29/32 29/32
H | Wheelbase (hi/lo) 1149/1154 1188/1189 1221/1222
I | Rear Center (hi/lo) 427/432 431/432 435/436
J | Head Tube Length (hi/lo) 110/110 100/100 110/110
K | Top Tube Length (hi/lo) 536/542 570/575 599/604
L | Seat Tube Angle (hi/lo) 77.6°/76.9° 77.2°/76.7° 77.1°/76.6°
M | Standover Height (hi/lo) 701/698 709/706 731/727

Frame Sizing

The sizing chart is a great place to start when picking your next bike but everyone will fit a bike a bit differently. Your torso, arm, and leg lengths all play into what size of bike you may need. Plus, there's your own personal preference.

We always recommend swinging by the shop and taking the bike that you're looking for a spin to see how it feels. If you're unable to come by, looking at the geometry of your current bike and comparing it is a good place to start. If you have any further questions, our customer service team is there to help.

Size Height
XS 142 - 155cm
S 155 - 165cm
M 165 - 175cm