Level Up The Playing Field

Why the Furtado?

The Furtado’s lively personality will let you level up your riding - whether on your favorite backyard trails or far-flung destinations. With its new mixed wheel setup, the larger front wheel gives you the rollover confidence of a 29er while the smaller 27.5-inch rear wheel keeps you nimble and ensures you’re tracking through corners with ease. Find a fun line, fly over features and turn every trail into a playful pump track with the Furtado.

  1. Front Travel: 140mm
  2. Rear Travel: 130mm
  3. Wheel size: MX

Technical Details

In the Low position, the shock rate becomes more progressive, particularly at the end of the stroke, and there’s some bottom-out resistance to be gained. In the High setting, the bike rides a little higher in its travel and supplies the rider with more mid-stroke support.

  • Adjustable Geometry
  • The Glovebox
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Proportional Geometry


hi/lo hi/lo hi/lo
A | Reach(mm) 410/406 434/431 459/456
B | Stack(mm) 599/601 608/610 622/624
C | Head Tube Angle 65.2°/64.9° 65.2°/64.9° 65.2°/64.9°
D | Seat Tube Length (mm) 370 380 405
E | Front Center(mm) 719/718 748/748 779/779
F | BB Height(mm) 338/335 338/335 338/334
G | BB Drop(mm) 16/19 16/19 16/19
H | Wheelbase(mm) 1147/1147 1178/1178 1212/1213
I | Rear Center(mm) 428/429 430/431 433/434
K | Head Tube Length (mm) 90 100 115
J | Top Tube Length(mm) 544/544 570/571 598/599
L | Seat Tube Angle 77.4°/77.1° 77.4°/77.1° 77.4°/77.1°
M | Standover Height(mm) 694/688 703/698 706/700

Frame Sizing

The sizing chart is a great place to start when picking your next bike but everyone will fit a bike a bit differently. Your torso, arm, and leg lengths all play into what size of bike you may need. Plus, there's your own personal preference.

We always recommend swinging by the shop and taking the bike that you're looking for a spin to see how it feels. If you're unable to come by, looking at the geometry of your current bike and comparing it is a good place to start. If you have any further questions, our customer service team is there to help.

Size Height
XS 142 - 155cm
S 155 - 165cm
M 165 - 175cm