Podcast Episode 12 - Geoff 'Gully' Gulevich

In episode 12 Jarrad gets to hang out with legendary freerider Geoff 'Gully' Gulevich. Raised on the North Shore and heavily involved in the freeride movement, Gully is one of those larger than life characters, but is still refreshingly down to earth and does a lot for his local community still, including Geoff Gulevich Garage Sale.

Geoff Gulevich Podcast Photo: Margus Riga

Having grown up here, Gully spent much of his younger years on bikes, giving him the chance to get to the top of the game and earning him a 5th place at Red Bull Rampage amongst other amazing results at massive international competitions. In more recent years, geoff has made the transition to judge and content creator, recently making appearances on the Pinkbike Academy reality show.

However you've heard of Gully, maybe as an athlete, as a rampage competitor or simply out on the trail, he's an absolute gent and we're stoked to have him join us on our podcast. Enjoy!