Skull Tap Trail Day Oct. 2014

Seven of us spent half a day on Skull with Digger cribbing and back filling erosion on a few of the lower corners of the trail.Some great work by the Steed and Devinci Guys on the trail. We will be having a mid week trail day next week if you are interested in attending.

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NSMBA Trail Day Update: Expresso on Mt. Fromme

November 26, 2012

Sunday, November 18th marked the last TAP trail day of the 2012 season for the NSMB crew supported by RockShox. Over the season, we double-TAPped Expresso, laying down a total of 12 trail days with MEC doing their own share on the new alignment.

Digger’s vision led the way for Expresso’s new alignment, a more sustainable take on a classic line down Fromme. Even with two solid crews working on Expresso, however, Digger has spent countless hours working on the trail on his own time, making sure every last rock is perfectly placed and covered in solid gold.

Under Digger and Jerry Willows’ guidance, we regularly headed up the hill with 25-30 willing workers for our TAP days, and completed huge sections in a short time. It’s amazing what a focused crew can accomplish, and we really would like to thank each and every one of you who came out to one of our trail days this year.

Thanks for joining us on the ride – here’s to another great year in 2013.

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Giant Bicycles Canada Inc. has partnered with Steed Cycles to take part in the North Shore Mountain Bike Associations (NSMBA) trail stewardship initiative. Given our geographic location and the rich north shore heritage of the “boogieman” trail located on Mount Seymour, the trail stewardship program seemed like a no-brainer to both Steed and Giant.Sunday, August 14th/11 represented the return of the Steed/Giant trail maintenance crew to the wilds of Mount Seymour to complete phase 3 of the boogieman stewardship project. After a quick application of rider repelling tape and trail closure signage at the boogieman trailhead, it was time to take a quick spin down the trail to meet with the rest of the crew for a quick safety meeting + build plan for the day.