#steedshorehunt Starts June 25th | Win Great Prizes!


Want to shred the sweetest singletracks on the North Shore and win some awesome prizes while doing it? Steed Cycles with support from Lezyne Tools, Cycles Lambert, and Bean Around The World Coffee Shops are giving you the chance to win 10 prize packs in the first ever Mountain Bike Treasure Hunt on the Shore.

First clue drops June 25th so stay tuned!

How to win:

  1. Follow Steed Cycles on Twitter, Instagram and join the Steed Cycles Facebook page to receive the weekly clues.
  2. Clues will be posted on Tuesday and Friday evenings of each week.
  3. When you get the clues and picture showing you where the prizes are get on your bike and head for the hills.
  4. Once you find the Steed Cycles Jersey Bin with the winning card snap a picture of you at the location with the card and post it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #steedshorehunt. Then stop by the shop and pick up your prize pack. Remember no picture….no prizes.

There will be 10 prize packs up for grabs during June/July. Prizes include Lezyne pumps, bags and multi tools, NSMB Bro Cards, Bean Around the World gift cards, Steed Cycles Socks and Jersey Bins.

First Clue drops Tuesday 25th June in the evening ready for you to hit the trails on Wednesday morning. The next clue will be on Friday June 28th so you can search over the weekend. The clues will drop every Tuesday and Friday for the following few weeks until all the packs have been won.

The prize packs will be on Fromme and Seymour and hidden on trails that will be easy to find. Each clue will have a picture and description of the location. All that’s left to do is wait for the clues and then get out on the bike and enjoy the best the North Shore has to offer.

For more information check out or visits Steed on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.