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Steed Coming Soon

Dear Steed Customers,

We have recently taken over the space next door and have begun renovations to create a new and improved Steed Cycles. This expansion will bring you a larger service center, improved merchandising, and increased floor space providing an even better customer experience. 

Business will continue as usual during the renovations and we look forward to seeing you around the shop during this exciting time!
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-Kim Steed & the Staff at Steed Cycles


Looking Back on The Summer Through Wet Windows

For many on the North Shore, we have the best trails in the world, right at our doorstep. For some of us though, there is an overwhelming urge to explore beyond the hanging fog of the Shore. I had heard mumblings of Oregon’s buff singletrack flows through the woods like a rhythmic gymnastics routine. There’s no doubt that you can drive down to Oregon, call into a local bike shop and go trail shopping, but I wanted the lifestyles of the rich and famous tour.

Race package from Hood River Enduro

A couple of friends and I decided that the Oregon Enduro Series was the best way to test out the Oregon terrain, and get a good sampling of the trails in the Hood River area, as well as testing out our skills and fitness. Enduro seems to be the the format of interest for the average Joe thinking about trying the racing thing. The Enduro format usually means that from the beginning to the end of the race you are only timed for sections of trail, but still ride your way from the end of a segment to the start zone for the next. There is only a shuttle to get you to the start of the course. In that sense, its like a regular bike ride, you are just timed for the “fun parts” where you would ride faster anyhow. That concept is what appeals to me anyhow. I’m not afraid of being timed for uphills. I usually race a few marathon XC races every season, but to race a different style of event that focuses on the “fun parts” is appealing for sure.

Oregon seemed to be a great match for a trip to both try out their riding, and the Enduro racing concept. I’d only heard the name Oregon along side “ribbons of singletrack”, as well as “smooth”, and “buff”. Not only was it great to get out riding in Oregon, but the apres experience was great as well. Be sure to check out Double Mountain Brewery for great pizza and beer, if you head to Hood River.

The Oregon Enduro series is definitely a memory of the summer that I look back upon fondly. I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to Oregon again for riding, and I would definitely suggest trying an Oregon Enduro Series race next season!




Welcome to Steed Cycles

Steed Cycles is located in North Vancouver, BC, just minutes away from the freeride, downhill, and all mountain bike trails on the North Shore and only 10 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. Selling products from Specialized, Santa Cruz, Giant, Electra and Devinci allows Steed Cycles to maintain a reputable name in the industry offering the best quality bikes and service on the North Shore.


Tech Tip: Basic Gear Adjust

Jordan Masse takes you through the basic gear adjustments to get your bike running smooth! Thanks for checking out tech tips from Steed Cycles!


Giant Bicycles Canada Inc. has partnered with Steed Cycles to take part in the North Shore Mountain Bike Associations (NSMBA) trail stewardship initiative. Given our geographic location and the rich north shore heritage of the “boogieman” trail located on Mount Seymour, the trail stewardship program seemed like a no-brainer to both Steed and Giant.Sunday, August 14th/11 represented the return of the Steed/Giant trail maintenance crew to the wilds of Mount Seymour to complete phase 3 of the boogieman stewardship project. After a quick application of rider repelling tape and trail closure signage at the boogieman trailhead, it was time to take a quick spin down the trail to meet with the rest of the crew for a quick safety meeting + build plan for the day.

Building Bridges

Steed Cycles has been a part of the North Shore cycling community for over 14 years, and mountain biking has always been a big part of who we are. Of course Kim’s presence in early bike videos such as the North Shore Extreme (NSX) series, and Kranked movies showcased Kim’s riding and the North Shore Trails themselves. Boogieman is a North Shore classic trail that has been around for about 13 years. We’re happy to get the opportunity to get Boogieman back into great shape, and add a couple modernizations.

We’re able to get the opportunity to work on Boogieman through the NSMBA TAP (Trail Adoption Program), and with the partnership of Giant Bicycle.

This is how our first trail day went down: