The Creepiest of the STEEDCAST’s.

It’s Halloween and we cover everything creepy from 650B through Stevie Smiths Moustache!

We’re back in swing for the winter, delivering lies laughs and opinions for your bike loving ears!



Well, it was bound to happen.

The popularity of the SteedCast has grown so much that we have recorded our first official PartyCast (we had 6 people show up… for the 6th show! who woulda thunk!)


This show get’s a little controversial, and heats up in the last half hour with the hot topic of Clips vs Flats!

The rest of the show we cover the Massive Amounts of Racing going on this month in the Cycling industry!!!

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Special Guest Jamie Levett

We’re thinking of taking up computer programming here at Steeed Cycles. Our website was hacked and we had such a good time fixing it, we figured “hey… why not get into the Biz?”

Whaddya think… Steed Computers…..Steed Systems…. SteedNet?


Well how about we just stick to the STEEDCAST for now…This round we bring in a special guest host and have a well rounded discussion of all things MTB.



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BOSS! Zee Plane boss

May 15th, 2012

BOSS! Zee Plane boss….Zee Plane!  or maybe… GET IN ZEE CHOPPER!!!

or even… ZEE Pedals are ugly!!

You’ll get it in a couple of minutes… because by that point you’ll no doubt be listening to the third STEEDCAST! In this weeks episode, we go over Scott’s trip to visit the Santa Cruz Bicycles in their Santa Cruz office as well as a some of the gems that came out of Sea Otter this year. So tune on in and let the hilarity ensue!


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Bike Talk

March 29th, 2012

Well Folks, it’s your new favourite time of the month again… When three of your favourite opinions get together and talk bikes. So whether your running errands in the car, sitting on public transit next to the smelly guy or crunching the biggest Excel spreadsheet in the practice, it’s time to let your mind sit back and think about those two wheel wonders.


In this episode we cover:

-South Africa UCI MTB DH World Cup #1

-Devinici Dixon Reviews

[Pinkbike Review] [ Review]

Go Pro vs Roam Contour

2013 SRAM Gripshift

and more…


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