Assos Clothing arrives at Steed Cycles


Steed Cycles are proud to announce that we have become a stockist of Assos Clothing. We have had our first delivery of shorts, arm warmers, Knee warmers and socks. We have both Men’s and Women’s in stock now.


Mens Cento Shorts


These shorts feature our newly designed comfortFit: less compression and a less restrictive fit on the waist and abdominal areas, but the leg circumference and length are the same as on the T.équipe. The unique insert is a small masterpiece that has been specifically designed for ultra-long-distance missions. Ergonomically shaped, it uses higher density memory foam shock absorbers and features a very special ASSOS invention, kuKuPenthouse. In the front section of the insert there is a low volume circular inlet that accommodates the male anatomy in cocoon-like comfort, yet holds everything securely. As well, T.cento offers reduced motion and greater breathability in this sensitive area.

We recommend the T.cento for ultra-long distances or at the beginning of the season, when you may have gained a few kilos. Due to T.cento’s construction, it is also ideally suited for more robust body types.

Mens Equipe Shorts


T.équipe is our racingfit proposition. They are perfectly tailored to fit a racing type cycling body. A little more compression, a little snugger fit and a more anatomically shaped insert.

These are the preferred shorts of équipe exploit, the ASSOS Werksmannschaft.

They’re the ideal equipment for frequent riders and racing.

Womens Laalalai Knickers


Using our S7 generation of shorts as a platform, we have created knickers that give you a new generation of comfort for those slightly cooler days.

Designed for those cooler times in the summer months, these knickers work perfectly with all our products in this climaRange. Paired with a spring/fall skinFoil, these knickers are also ideal for cooler days when full length tights are just too hot. Used next to your skin, these give you S7 generation comfort in female-specific knickers.

Taking the performance and comfort of the H.laalaLaiShorts_S7 and turning them into knickers for cooler weather is at the heart of this product. A new design on the lower leg optimizes the fit, giving more comfort and better performance. And making them with our type.439 material brings them to a new level of overall comfort. As well, the added compression of this material will help your performance on the bike.

_ New pattern for the cut of the lower leg to increase the comfort and fit of these knickers
_ Using all of the innovations found in our H.laalaLaiShorts_S7, these bring you all the comfort of the S7 platform
_ All new S7 generation insert brings you to the next level of performance on the bike
_ Made with our type.439 material, these knickers strike the balance between comfort and compression for superior performance

_ S7 insert
_ Made of type.439 material
_ New lower leg pattern for improved fit
_ Cut in regular fit for added comfort
_ Perfect for summer and spring/fall conditions

Taking all of the developments found in the H.laalaLaiShorts_S7 we have developed a new lower leg to give you the optimal knickers for those cooler summer days or spring/fall conditions. Leveraging the benefits of the S7 insert platform, these knickers really do bring you to higher levels of comfort and performance.

Stop by the store to get the full lowdown on the best shorts in the business.

Acre-Supply Spring 2015 Cycling Collection

acre steed header

After rigorous field testing around the world, Acre-Supply has released it’s Spring 2015 cycling collection. The latest offering is designed to help riders cover the most ground possible, no matter the conditions. The collection utilizes the most advanced fabrics from around the world including mil-spec stretch nylon from the USA, Italian knit jerseys, New Zealand merino wool shirts, and ultralight waterproof-breathable shells constructed in Vancouver, Canada.



Created by Mission Workshop, Acre-Supply is a collection of hydration packs and apparel designed to balance the need to climb light and fast with durable protection from the elements.


 Thoughtful design and attention to detail make this collection equally at home on the mountain, trail, open road, or city streets. ACRE apparel is comprised of highly articulated jackets and shorts combined with durable stretch fabrics to allow maximum movement in a minimalist design. In addition, merino jerseys and base layers provide thermal regulation and moisture management over a wide range of temperatures and conditions. The 2015 product range includes quick drying shirts, versatile pullovers, long distance padded compression shorts, ultralight waterproof-breathable outerwear, and all-mountain over-shorts constructed using durable 4-way stretch nylon.


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