Cross it off

The “to-do” list!  I did my first cyclo-cross race and much to my surprise I actually did quite well.  I had worked a plan with old man Kim Steed that I would lead him out and then fake a mechanic al giving him the lead, but for two reasons this didn’t happen.  One, we started at separate times and most importantly I pulled the ever popular “Tail Gunner Gronross” routine.  Between call ups and my talking to a friend at the start line I completely missed my opportunity to jump up and be where I had been warned I needed to be; at the front of the line.  The first few laps were ugly and I reserved myself to a bottom of the pack finish.  On one of the laps cyclo-cross machine Kevin Noiles even reminded me that with the wheels I was rolling with I should probably run up the hill, not walk with a brisk pace as I was doing; okay I was walking.

Mid race all I could do was use my strength and power through the flats.  Each lap I passed more and more racers, coming into the finish after the bell lap, without any idea where I was.  I was finally rewarded with the knowledge that I had actually came in 3rd.  Pretty excited to say the least.

Railing the dusty corner in the +20 heated cyclocross race! Photo: Steve Pukesh

But I have set that bar high and now I have to follow up at Abbotsford this weekend.  Will see what I can pull out of the rabbit’s hat this weekend.

2012 has been a world of change for me.  New friends, new sports and I have even gone so far as to get a coach to help me with the prep for CX and next year’s road race season.  Short, dark winter days will find me out there slugging through the routine.  Why you might ask?   I have never done anything like this in my life but have quietly always wanted to.

Where will this take me?  I have no idea, but after this past summer, the challenges fun and yes, even the pain, I am hooked.  I know that I can do better, and I am willing for the first time to take the steps required to get there.

Thanks to Kelly, Kim, Tim, Scott and everyone else that has given me advice on this journey.