To A Fresh 2012!

Its 2012 already. Some might tell you that the world will end this year, but others are thinking of new beginnings. If either happens the four of us, Matt, Phil, Tristan, and myself were looking at the first day of the new year with opportunity in mind. The sun was out, there was blue sky, and we had bikes. I can’t say that we looked at the day any differently than any other day we would have off together. Any nice day is usually an opportunity for a ride.

I wiped the dirt off my chain, lubed it up, put some air in the tires. It had been a good month or two since my Devinci Wilson had seen the dirt, but I was stoked to become friends once again.

It wasn’t the quickest start, it was New Years day after all. But the good ‘ol boys were together, and we were just looking forward to riding together. We packed our sleds into the tailgates of the 4 wheeled chairlifts, Phil’s “great white unicorn” and all!

We started in the snow, and at first it was like learning to walk again. But, in no time there was hollerin’ and good times were going down. We got to the first trail, and as we started rolling down the fresh dark soil, and shimmering slippery roots, I started to feel my feet beneath me again.

The look on Phil’s face says it all! We had a great time riding, had great company, and that in my books is a great start to what puts a smile on my face through the year.

Riding bikes can turn a bad day into a great day, and a great day even better. Being outdoors, with great people (and a great dog), getting your sweat on, and being able to move these big machines of oil and metal around on the trail just how you want is a great feeling. Its not just a sport its a life style. Its a part of your life like getting dressed in the morning. It can be both a mental and physical recovery, and sustenance.
I’ve ridden 4 out of the first 6 days of the year, and intend of keeping that percentage up as best as I can, surrounding myself with the outdoors, and great friends. I’ve got a few goals for the season. Racing the Nimby 50 again this season, and going down to Oregon for the Ashland Super D will be some of the highlights! I’m stoked! As much as I’ll be on my bike, I am fortunate to have other great reasons to put the bike aside. I’m looking forward to a full and balanced 2012! and wish the best to everyone!
I gotta run, a noon shuttle lap calls!