There better be bloomin’ flowers come May…

April 28th, 2012

Because the thought of Steed Cycles Group rides being rained out in June is more than slightly depressing.

But I will say, despite the moisture raining down on us for pretty much every group ride thus far this year, there has been a hardcore group that despite sideways rain and bitter cold, show up, eager to head out.  For the past month of April and continuing through the summer until the white stuff once again blankets the North Shore mountains, Steed Cycles is hosting group rides, Wednesday evening at 6 pm and Sunday morning at 8 am, departing from the shop. Come to a ride to learn all the information that is required to be a part of this, or swing by the shop and ask one of the fine folks about it.

This past Sunday’s ride started out great!  For the first time since I can remember the shiny orb us earthlings regard as the “sun” arrived in time to shed some much needed vitamin B.  Destination was Brockton Point in Stanley Park so we could split the group off into two groups; The fast group lead by Doug, and the “nearly, almost, not quite as fast as the fast group… but learning super quickly” lead by Kelly and myself.

No one wants to learn all the time but we decided that working on pace line and drafting would be good for group as most of them will be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  It was great to see everyone having a great time, out spinning on the bikes and enjoying what seemed to be the first really nice day in the city.

After a few laps, the group retired to Musette Cafe, a coffee shop steeped in cycling tradition and purvayors of some of the best coffee in the rainy city.  Added bonus… they are super great people.

While some (including myself) wanted nothing more than to stay there, coffee continuously pouring watching the hours tick away, it was time to head over to the shop so that life could continue.  Excellent cap to a great ride.

Hope to see out with the bunch soon, we welcome everyone!