The winter of my discontent…

March 6th, 2012

Has finally subsided with the arrival of the Escape Velocity Spring Series. The River Road Race found us in the sticks of Fort Langley and was the inaugural event of the 10 plus race series kicking off 2012’s racing.  The dates for the Spring Series span from this past Sunday, landing on pretty close to every weekend until the end of May.

For many racers the event was a chance to meet up with friend and foe of years past, but for some (myself included) it was the first chance ever to test the cold and water logged “Get-away sticks” at a road race.

Coming from a back ground in downhill and free-ride/bike park riding, the previous year brought on many changes.  Focus in my life has changed from “gravity” sports to “endurance” sports and in preparation for this change I spent many hours in the saddle braving the cold, rain and in some cases the snow, putting on the ever elusive base miles.

To be honest the results surprised me.  Outside of early worries about fatigue early on due to some celebration activities on the eve of the race, I faired pretty well coming in 9th out of some 45 people in my category.  As a new racer I was just keen to get out there and get the feeling for riding in a pack.  But after two of the nine laps I was feeling great.  The picture above was taken mid-race along the backside of the loosely rectangle shaped course in which my head is turned talking to the guy beside me about it being my first bike race.  When prompted for some wisdom about racing he uttered; Don’t close your eyes!

The event was a great beginning and if time will allow I am sure to hit many more of them.  Unfortunately trips out of the city will not allow me to attend the next two, but look for the guys in green and be sure to say hello.

For more information on the event check out the website here Escape Velocity Spring Series.

-Dan Gronross