Test of Metal Announces Changes

November 05, 2012 (Squamish, B.C.) – Things continue to evolve for Squamish’s most popular community event and festival, The Test of Metal. Cliff Miller, president of Test of Metal, Inc., announced a series of changes for the 18th edition of the race.

“We’ve got some new partnerships, a new title sponsor, and some changes in our registration,” said Miller. Nesters Market has come on as the title sponsor for this year replacing North Shore Credit Union.

“NSCU was a fabulous sponsor of the Test of Metal for eight years. We really appreciate all they did for us over that time,” said Miller.

He said that Nesters Market will also be a great fit for the Test of Metal. “They’ve been a an amazing community sponsor of the Test of Metal for years, so we’re extremely happy to have Nesters step up and increase their support.”

The Test of Metal also announced partnerships with Squamish Days and Squamish CrossFit. The finish line for the race will be returning to Squamish Logger Sports Grounds, and Squamish CrossFit will be running a event at the finish line called, “Test of Mettle: a contest of Strength and Stones.”

“These are two more great community organizations working with us,” Miller said. “Each year our finish line has more to offer, and the Logger Sports Grounds venue along with the show that Squamish CrossFit is organizing will make for a spectacular day.”

Miller also reminded locals that the 200 local-only spots for people living from Furry Creek to Pemberton will open for registration on December 1st.

He also announced a new way of entering for those who wish to challenge all of the Test of Metal races: The Ore Cusher, The Test of Metal, The Gearjammer, and JABR.

“If you’re one of those riders who wants to compete in all four races, we are opening 150 spots from December 15 to 30th just for you. Any of those 150 that aren’t taken will be added to the 700 registrations available on January 1,”

There will be a total of 1,050 spots open for the race.

“We keep trying to make it better, “ said Miller. “This is our 18th year running on the current course, but we did two years on a short course above Alice Lake, so it’s a bit of a milestone.”

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