TAPing into Digger’s knowledge


The man, the myth, the legend? something like that. The person, in the middle telling of the story, pictured above is Todd Fiander, lovingly known by the mountain bike community as ‘Digger’. This will be our, 1-2-3-4th? year participating in the NSMBA’s TAP program. For those of you who don’t know, that would be the Trail Adoption Program. If you have enjoy the plentiful variety of the North Shore’s mountain bike trail network and never lent a hand on a trail day, you should. Not just as a tax for your, likely many hours of shredding enjoyment, but also because it’s very rewarding to build, restore, and learn. Fortunately for the staff, team members, and volunteers of this year’s Steed Cycles TAP trail days we get to learn from Digger.



So, this year we get to learn from Digger and maintain Skull! Skull is one of the steeper, more challenging Fromme trails. It is commonly ridden, connected after having ridden Ladies Only. The steeper trails on the Shore often need more work as we need to use our brakes more in order to control our speed, and water tends to run down these trails more. Like most of Digger’s (yes, Digger originally built this trail too) trails, Skull is in quite good shape, but there are still sections that when worked on now will avoid worse damage.

IMG_0578Repairing a canoe log ride and lead in.

IMG_0573We’ve got to patch that hole.