Subaru Starcrossed Seattle

Written/photos By Ian Hoffman.

Subaru Starrcrossed in Redmond Washington is always worth the trip and Steed Cycling was not about to be left out. It was hot, really hot, and for Cross – extra HOT, you get the picture, now add in dust, dirt, and the roughest course I have ever ridden. The summer temperatures really put to the test those of us wearing long sleeve skin suits and untested tubulars.


Racing was on- first up the Master CAT3 groups, Paul took a solid forth in the competitive group of CAT3  Master35+ Men.  Owen and I took 9th and 10th in CAT3 Master45+.Men –  Scott had a tougher day in CAT1/2 Masters Men, putting his back through some kind of hell on the extremely rough course, and eventually ending his march with a DUGAST packing it in before the finish. Kelly charged hard in the PRO women’s field and unfortunately was unable to make some cash due to an untimely flat, coupled with a very long run to the pit – where Paul was there to help and get her back in the mix with a pro level wheel change. From that point in the contest it was just a bit too much to make up – the run impressed us all – And Kelly finished in the mix, mid pack.


The Whole crew stayed for the PRO men which was great to watch, and eventually we all headed back to the boarder – scratchy eyes, dirty sinuses, and dust hangovers  – it was tougher going home then making the trip down. Thank you SteedCycles.

Steed_Scott Steed_Scott_2