Steed Cycles Team Report – Spring Series RR #1 Aldergrove

Doug Brons Photograpghy

Doug Brons Photography

March 5, 2013

Road racing is like chess at 38 km/hr. And I don’t know how to play chess.

This past Sunday ushered in the start of Escape Velocity’s Annual Spring Series Race Season with the Aldergrove RR in the sticks of the Lower Mainland.

It is still early in the season so only many of the other Steed Cycles Team were still hibernating, washing their hair or getting one of the last fixes of the white stuff. For those that attended, Eric Hung, Kelly Jones (in a supporting role) and I, the sun gods gave the racers an early season gift with nothing but sun. Okay, it wasn’t all perfect solar goodness as there was a stiff side wind blowing from the America’s to the south that left all the racers scrambling for the coveted slipstream.

The course was basically a square with two hills; one right before the finish and one on the opposite side of the course, 5 corners and one long flat section that ran along a 3’ ditch that separates good old Canada from our neighbours to the south.

Racing Category B had Eric Hung, 56 other racers and I doing a full 14 laps around the course. There were so many racers between the categories that the organizers had to ask racers to upgrade to allow for more even categories.

Eric Hung put a great showing in, maintaining his position in the lead pack until he unseasoned legs called in and he pulled out with a few laps to go. Eric doubled his annual mileage with his race so it shows how much training he has done in prep! Solid effort!

Back to the chess analogy. I am still new in the road race world, but after a solid season in cyclocross, and a mediocre lifetime in Dh I have some idea of racing. I know how to play checkers and I can imagine how much there is to learn about chess. Racing is like chess, with the added variable of speed. It is a art that has to be learned by experience. Some strategic errors were made on my part and apparently I spent too much time at the front taking the wind. I finished somewhere in the top 20 and am happy with that. Racing is learning and takes time.

Special thanks to Escape Velocity for continuing on with the Spring Series. Based on the numbers that raced on Sunday we are coming into a solid season of well supported racing.

This Saturday finds everyone at the River Road Race on and for the hearty bunch a double bill at the Armstrong Road Race.

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