Steed Cycles Race Team 2013 – The Introductions

Team Photo

May 19th, 2013

For 2013 Steed Cycles is hitting the dirt and the pavement hard with a roster of racers in multiple disciplines.  Based out of the Steed Cycles World Headquarters right here in North Vancouver, 16 racers will be vying for positions on podiums in different sports.

Without further ado we introduce the Team for 2013.

Kim Steed 
Disciplines: Mountain biking, XC, CX and Road
Chosen Occupation: Business Owner/Store Janitor
2013 Goal: Win the BC Cup CX Masters Championship, Podium in Provincial and National CX race.

Dan Gronross
: Road and CX, with some trail running thrown in for good measure.
Chosen Occupation: Consulting Engineer/Team Manager/Ex-Mtber
2013 Goal: Podium at BC Superweek, Race all BC CX races, podium at a CX Race, get into Cat 2 for road in prep for 2014 goal of racing Gastown Grandprix.

Kelly Jones
Disciplines: CX, mountain biking, trail running and has been known to race a criterium or two.
Chosen Occupation: SMU Pattern Maker at Arc’teryx.
2013 Goal: Top ten in Elite at CX Nationals.

Mike Murphy
Disciplines: trail running, mtb, cyclocross, triathlon.
Chosen Occupation: retired engineer; out of work helicopter pilot; currently a communications network administrator (part time), but more importantly stay-at-home dad.
2013 Goal: strong finish at the Knee Knacker; defend my title at MYM50 (ultra-marathon); not get totally worked over in masters 1/2 in cyclocross.

Justin Mark
Disciplines: XC mountain biking, trail running, cyclocross, road racing, Adventure Racing.
Chosen Occupation: High School Teacher
2013 Goal: There are many:
Beat my PR at Dirty Duo and podium in Solo Catergory
Run Juan de Fuca Trail
Run West Coast Trail
Compete in 3 Island Cup XC Races
Compete in 3 Island Road Races and 1 Grand Fondo
Race “Cross on the Rock” CX Series in Expert category
Beat PR for the Nimby50
Beat PR for Test of Metal
Compete in Cumberland MOMAR and podium

Carey Mark
Disciplines: XC mountain biking, cyclocross, road and triathlon
Chosen Occupation: High school teacher
2013 Goals: BC Bike Race top overall in my category, podium at Island Cup races, repeat first place win in Test of Metal for my category, rank top 5 in the Cross on the Rock CX race series.

Eric “Crampfest” Hung
Disciplines: Road Cat 3/4, XC mtb, Trail running, snowshoeing, Power Yoga.
Chosen Occupation: Investment Adviser
2013 Goal: Stay fit, have fun, spread the good word about biking, fatherhood, build upon last year’s races such as Penticton GF (T-16th), Fraser Valley GF (5th), Whistler GF (7th), Victoria GF (13th), Cypress Challenge (16th), test out the sprint legs in some criteriums.

Rob Mulder
: Track, Crits,Time trial,Mt Bike and Cyclocross National Track Champion in Sprint and endurance ominums 2010, Provincial Crit and time trial past multiple champion.
Chosen Occupation: Carbon fiber manufacturing
Goals: Ride as much as I can so I can eat lots of food and enjoy some fun rides with friends and if I get fit during that I am planning on going to Master track Worlds in the fall.

Ian Hoffman, aka “thehoffmanian”
Disciplines: Road, Cross, and Mtb once in a while
Chosen Occupation: Manager of Creative Services at SUGOI Performance Apparel
Goals:  Same as last year (I am a slow learner – or maybe just slow?) Win a Tuesday-Nighter/CAT 4, Top 10 in provincial Cross – Masters, Podium CAT 4 Cross if I don’t get to CAT 3 – get into CAT 3.

Doug Mulder
Disciplines: Pavement: Road Races, Circuit Races, Time Trials and Stage Races
Chosen Occupation: Letter Carrier! Canada Post
Goals: Top 10 Provincial ITT (Masters) Top 25 Senior Men

Scott McGregor
Disciplines: CX, XC and Road
Chosen Occupation: Environmental Physicist
Goals: Have my best races and results at CX Provincials and Nationals

Erin Redl
Disciplines: Road racing
Chosen Occupation: Bridge Engineer
Goals: Get a podium picture wearing green. Ride aggressively and take some chances during the BC Superweek races.

James Birkenbeul
Disciplines: Cyclocross, Mountian Bike
Chosen Occupation:  Carpenter
Goals: Podium at Cyclocross Provincials (and beat Kim in at least one cross race where it was not due to a mechanical).

Paul Mc Carthy 
Disciplines: XC, Cyclocross and road
Chosen Occupation: Sales Manager at Steed Cycles.
Goal: Mtb: To improve my results and times at Test of Metal, Gear Jammer and Nimby 50. Race the Canada Cup Finals and select rounds. Cyclocross: Compete in Master’s 3-4 Category at start of season and progress into Master’s 1-2 and challenge for podiums.  Road: Try my hand at UBC Crits and some select races if they fit into season.

Steve Savage
Disciplines: Road/MTN
Chosen Occupation: General manager Steed Cycles (it’s a bike shop if you didn’t know…)
Goals: Get out and have fun. Try road racing for the first time. Honestly I don’t have any specific plans for 2013 but I am doing a couple of half marathon road running races as well.

Hunter Lowden
Disciplines: Road
Chosen Occupation: To be discovered
Goals: Move up to cat 3.

Shawn Pettersen
Disciplines: Cyclo-cross, road
Chosen Occupation: Contractor/Plasterer
Goals: 2013 Goal – Main focus will be Cyclo-cross with some road criteriums and road races thrown into the mix.  Want to crack the top 3 after finishing 6th in Masters 1/2 CX.  Also enjoy ride leading for the Shop Rides on Sunday and Wednesdays.

You will find the Team at the UBC Tuesday Nighters, BC Superweek, many of the BC Cup XC Events, Nimby50, Vancouver CX, Island CX, and some running races as well.

Stop by the tent and say hi if you see us.