Pretty and Gritty hits Fromme

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We had a big and enthusiastic turn out yesterday for the August Fromme edition of the Steed Women’s Mountain bike ride otherwise known as Pretty Gritty … And it was gritty indeed, with a stellar group of gutsy girls riding new firsts on technical trail features like the big smooth on expresso and the rock roll at the bottom of seventh. Way to go ladies!
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And of course, a ride on Fromme would not be complete without a chat with everyone’s favourite trail builder, Digger! Thanks Digger for all the hard work you do.
photo 4
Thanks to Monika from Marx Conditioning and Jen from Sugoi and everyone else for joining us. Stay tuned for more news on our September ride coming shortly and supported by Shimano!  
The last pic is of a mom and her young son at the bottom of Expresso. The kid was about 7 and shredding! We need more trails like this to get families with young whipper snappers out!

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