Santa Cruz 2013 Nomad Carbon


Cooking up the Nomad carbon involved a pretty simple recipe: take everything people loved about the Nomad, shake it up and add carbon fiber. The result is a leaner, sleeker, and even more responsive Nomad. Supplanting the aluminum frame with carbon fiber reduced weight by 3/4 of a pound AND increased frame strength and stiffness dramatically. It is the kind of strength that makes life easy when it comes coping with 5,000 foot rock garden descents, cased gap jumps and drops to flat on a daily basis, or whatever else a true Nomad might encounter in his or her wanderings.





Santa Cruz 2013 Nomad Carbon Geometry



Santa Cruz Bikes offers a number of excellent kit and fork options for the Nomad. Please call us at 604-987-2168 and a member of the Steed Cycles Sales Team  will be happy to walk you through all of the options and recommend the right bike for your intended use.