Demo Bikes Are For Riding

Lately we’ve had a pretty good dose of good riding conditions. Sure it may not be 20 degrees out, but considering its January we’ve been doing pretty well.

The boys at work have been keen to get out and ride. There has been the odd downhill shuttle, but frankly the pedaling is much better this time of year. There are some guys at the shop, I won’t name names, that don’t often go for these types of rides. okay, Jordan is one of them, that lazy bugger! Although he may look it, Jordan definitely isn’t lazy. He’ll actually pedal his downhill geared Turner DHR up tot he 7th switch back on Fromme. He just doesn’t have an all-mountain or trail bike to come on most of the pedal rides.

But, just look at what there is to offer one these rides! Scenes like this, you often have to pedal to. As much as I think it would be great for Jordan to have a bike that he can ride on these rides we commonly do before work, or on our common days off, I think its also important for our staff to know what our demo bikes ride like.

Jordan, the DW-Link advocate grabbed the reigns on our Santa Cruz Blur TRc, (Trail Carbon) for a ride with Tristan, Matt and I. The Blur TRc can weigh as little as 22 lbs. but averages about 26 lbs. with pedals. Its seems like Santa Cruz has designed the Blur TRc for the downhill rider that wants a cross-country bike. The bike offers inspiring angles, suspension, and chassis regidity:

We gave Jordan a good taste of climbing on the Blur TRc, and some descending down Pangor. Its always good to take a demo bike down a familiar trail to get an idea of how the bike compares to other bikes that you have ridden on that same trail. The great work provided through the the nsmba‘s TAP program (trail adoption program) made for some fun flowy sections where Jordan had great comments about the TR.

We stopped for a coffee break at Bean Around The World, while Tristan went to meet his Grandpa, and Matt went to work. Then Jordan and I went for a second rip on some lower Seymour trails! We had a chance to open it up on both of our bikes, and and get the bikes in the air too! Woo! Jordan also played around with the trial’s bonking of the TR.

The great thing about having demo bikes is that we get to know the mannerisms and capabilities of these bikes that we are able to pass on to our customers in the store. The bad thing about these demo bikes like the Blur TRc, and our Santa Cruz Tallboy is that we can’t keep them! In Jordan’s case, it might be “I can’t keep this one, but I can buy my own…”

You can tell us for your selves what you think of our the Blur TRc or the Tallboy c by demoing them your self. $75 per day, gets you out on either bike. You can take them for more than one day as well, if you like. The money invested into the demo, come of the purchase of any bike at Steed Cycles.

Happy Trails!