Cold! CX :: BC Cup #4

Kim battling for a frozen 2nd!

Derek Shiers and Kim Steed fighting for 2nd place behind Bob Welbourne.
Yes I am gritting my teeth, jaw frozen shut. Photo- Doug Brons

The Cyclocross season is slowly coming to a close with the Provincial Championships this coming Sunday November 27th, at Mahon Park in North Vancouver. This season has gone by in a flash!

At the last BC Cup in South Surrey, the weather was lets just say, interesting. The rain was monsooning and the wind was howling like you wouldn’t believe. With the temperatures around 3-5 degrees celcius the combination was bone chilling, colder than the 2009 National Cyclocross championships, in Edmonton. This race was above zero, but within five minutes of the race start, my hands were completely numb and I couldn’t even shift or brake properly. Of course the excuse I give for coming second place, seeing as I would have most certainly chased down Bob Welbourne and challenged him like never before! But I was frozen, hands but mere stumps, unusable to shift and brake. Truth is Bob was off like a rocket and withing a few laps was gone! He is really riding well this year, coming first at every race!

See you this Sunday!