Cast of Characters | Meet The Steed Cycles Crew

Kim Steed | Owner
Kim was born and raised in North Vancouver. In 1997 Kim opened the first Steed Cycles location two blocks from the shops current location on Marine Dr. in North Vancouver. As the owner of Steed Cycles, Kim’s responsibilities include everything from purchasing, sales, hiring, racing and riding his bike! In 2013, Kim will be riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy carbon 29er complete with Shimano XTR, a Specialized S-Works Dura-Ace Tarmac SL4 road bike, and potentially something a bit more North Shore in there too, (so many good bikes to choose from!). Kim’s favorite North Shore mountain bike ride is always the yearly Fall-Haul North Shore Triple Crown. His best riding memory of 2012 was a 15-hour self-supported ride in the Chilcotins where he and friends slept under the starry skies, saw a Grizzly bear near camp, road endless single-track, and witnessed an emergency room doctor knock a Grouse off a tree branch with a stone. Not a bad way to spend your birthday! When not at the shop, you can find Kim riding his bike or spending time with his two daughters and lovely wife.
Scott Pilecki | Sales Manager
Scott grew up in North Vancouver most of his life and has been riding since he was a young whippersnapper! Scott has been working with Steed Cycles for almost 10 years now and has become our go-to-guy for high-end bike sales, and details… detailed information is his specialty. Scott currently rides a custom Chromag Surface 29er hard tail, a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT carbon 29er, a Santa Cruz V10 carbon, Dirt Jump hardtail, and an older Giant TCR built as a cummuter/winter road bike. He also rides a 2012 Giant TCR Advanced SL4 road bike. Scott’s favorite mountain bike loop starts with an Old Buck climb over to C-Buster, down to Bridal Path, through Greenland and finishing with Bottle Top and if he’s feelin’ frisky over to Fromme for another round. On his road bike, you can find Scott heading over the Lions Gate Bridge for a few laps through Stanley Park. In 2012, Scott competed in the Four Kings in Whistler, the Nimby Fifty in Pemberton, The Hood River Oregon Enduro, and the Squamish SORCA Toonie Race series. He also ventured out to the Chilcotins twice, once for Kim’s birthday ride . When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Scott finishing up his business degree at Capilano University, riding is bike throughout the Sea to Sky corridor, skiing in the winter, and training at Marx Conditioning, or flapping his gums on an episode of the STEED CASTS.
Steve Savage | General Manager
Steve grew up in North Vancouver and has been riding the trails on the North Shore for over 20 years. Steve is Kim’s longest standing employee, having been with the business for almost 12 years! For the coming year, Steve will be riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT 29er carbon, a Santa Cruz Nomad carbon and a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4. Steve’s favorite North Shore mountain bike lap starts with a Mt. Fromme climb up to Bookwus, down to Executioner and Dream Weaver and along the Baden Powell down to the Dempsey Braemar connector. On his road bike, Steve likes ripping out to Whytecliff Park and back along Marine Drive. Steve’s most memorable ride of 2012 was road riding in Paolo Alto, California, which included some of the Tour de California routes. When not at the shop, you can find Steve running with his wife Meghan, spending time in Whistler (Summer & Winter) and enjoying time with his buddies.
Jordan Masse | Service Manager
Jordan was born and raised in New Westminster and has been working at Steed Cycles in service positions for the past 5 years. One day we’ll even wrestle Jordan into living on The Shore. For 2013, Jordan will be shredding a Turner DHR and a Devinci Dixon RX carbon. Jordan isn’t much of a road rider (unless its on his trials bike!), but could build a high-end road with the best of ’em. Detailed tune-ups and overhauls are his specialty. Jordan loves a good cruiser ride and has a classic Colson Flyer Acre cruiser bike. Jordan favorite North Shore mountain bike lap includes anything that is steep and techy at the top and fast and flowy at the bottom, think Cypress Mountain. Jordan’s most memorable riding memory of 2012 includes a DH race weekend at Silver Star where his hotel room got upgraded to a room with a hot tub! But by far the most memorable ride has to be the 2011 “winter-sprinter” Triple Crown where Jordan really got to know why you ride with a chamois on long pedals. When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Jordan shredding the local DH scene, lapping the Whistler Bike Park, or riding his cruiser bike or trials bike with his friends.
Paul McCarthy | Sales
Paul grew up in Dublin Ireland and moved to the North Shore in 2011. Paul considers Ireland the second most beautiful place to ride in the world, (unless you ask Paul himself)! Paul works at Steed as a sales associate but has been known to pick up a wrench on occasion as well. Paul currently rides a Santa Cruz Nomad, but sadly had his Santa Cruz Blur TR carbon stolen last year. Paul is looking at making the switch to a 29er for this year’s trail bike. Paul does not own a road bike, but in the fall of 2012 purchased a brand new Giant TCX cross bike and rocked in his first year of racing. Nice work, Paul! His favorite North Shore mountain bike lap would be trying to beat Brandon’s STRAVA record on Bobsled, or a long XC pedal along the lower Setmour trail system. In 2012, Paul’s most memorable riding trip included a heli drop with Giant Bikes for their Trance X 29er product launch. When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Paul enjoying a nice cup of Irish tea after a ride in Squamish, training for the Test of Metal, watching the Supercross live from Anaheim California! or blogging back to his mates in Ireland
Phil Brock | Sales
Phil grew up in Ontario and moved to Whistler after university to stomps fresh powder lines, and walk the red carpet of the Whistler Bike Park line-up. After a stint in Whistle, Phil joined the Steed Cycles sales team in 2011. Phil currently rides a Trek Session 8 (only because Brandon Semenuk once owned it) and will finally meet his dream of owning a Devinci Dixon to pedal his way to the trails. Phil does not currently ride a road bike, but can help you find the road bike that is best suited to your needs. His favorite North Shore mountain bike loops include shuttles on Cypress and a pedal up Mt. Fromme to ride the re-worked Expresso and Ladies Only. In 2012, Phil and Brandon took part in a BC bike park road trip hitting Sun Peaks, Silver Star and Whistler. Besides the weekly all-mountain summer staff rides, Phil says that trip was the best week of his summer. When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Phil riding in Whistler, pinning it up Mt. Fromme, ALSO watching the Supercross live from Anaheim California! or learning all there is to know about the newest parts, bikes, and team drama in the bike industry.
Branden Grass | Sales
Branden was born and raised right here on the Shore in North Vancouver where he attended highschool and finished a Degree in Tourism and Outdoor Recreation at Capilano University. Branden has been a sales associate with Steed cycles for seven years. For 2013, Brandon will be riding a Santa Cruz Blur LT carbon, a Specialized Status II DH bike, and a 2012 Giant Defy Advanced 1. On a sunny afternoon, Branden loves to grab his Blur LTc and head up to Mt.  Fromme for a couple laps starting with the Dempsey Braemar climb and along Baden Powell, to warm-up to defend his STRAVA position on Bobsled. Branden is STOKED to finally have a downhill bike to shuttle the Shore and hit the bike parks! Branden’s favorite loop on his road bike is Lower Marine Dr. out to Lion’s Bay. In 2012 Branden’s most memorable riding trip was a bike park tour here in BC where he hit Sun Peaks, Silver Star and Whistler in the same week. When not at the shop, you can find Brando adding to his shoe collection, traveling to New Zealand and Australia, and hanging out with friends and family.
Matt Green | Sales & Service
Matt Green was born in Vancouver but grew up riding the trails of the Sunshine Coast above Sechelt. Matt started racing at a young age and sported the Steed Cycles jersey for the first time back in 2001. Since 2003 he has worked in both sales and service at Steed. Matt currently rides a custom Trek Remedy all-mountain bike, (that he built working as a mechanic for Andrew Shandro’s Whistler Gravity Camps), a Santa Cruz Tallboy carbon for XC racing and a Giant TRC Advanced SL 0 as his road ride. Matt’s favorite mountain bike loop includes a long pedal from Lynn Valley over to Mt. Seymour, eventually descending down Dale’s Trail and over to Bottle Top. On his road bike, Matt’s favorite road ride includes riding out to Port Moody and Belcarra or out to Richmond to get his legs in shape for the season. In 2012, Matt’s most memorable riding experience was racing in the Four Kings in Whistler where he was among the top finishers in each stage; a big accomplishment since he had just come back from lower back injury. When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Matt finishing a business degree at Capilano University, working on his car, ski touring on Mt. Seymour, or chilling out near the ocean with some friends after riding the Sunshine Coast on a warm summer day.
Hunter Lowden | Sales & Warranty
Hunter grew up in West Vancouver and has been working with Steed Cycles since 2008. Not having spent many hours on a mountain bike, Hunter generally gets dragged out by the boys in the shop a few times during the year for our mid week Summer staff rides, but looks to get more into the mountain side of the sport in 2013. A talented cyclist, Hunter has been training, racing and competitively riding road bikes for over 10 years. Hunter currently rides a Specialized Tarmac SL4 with Dura-Ace components and ENVE wheels. Hunter’s favorite road ride includes a rip out to Deep Cove, Lillooet Rd, the Dempsey/Braemar connector, Capilano Dam to the British Properties and finishing with a climb up Cypress. In 2012, Hunter’s favorite ride included the Tour de Victoria route as well as watching the finish of the Tour de France in Paris. When not at the shop, Hunter can be found skiing, or sailing, where he participated in the 2012 London Olympics!
Tristan Olk | Service 
Tristan grew up in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver and has been riding Mt. Seymour, (almost excusively) since he was in high school. At Steed Cycles you can find Tristan working in the service shop, where he works handily on anything from suspension forks and pivot overhauls, to dialing the shifting in on a premium road bike, or installing a kick-stand on someone’s first bike.
For 2013, Tristan will be riding a Specialized Demo 8 I, a Specialized Enduro; and although Tristan’s not donning the green spandex road kit at the UBC crits he does enjoy a good hammer up to the ski area on Mt. Seymour for secret training for the B.C. Cup Downhill race series! He rides a custom steel Miele classic road bike with a 10 speed 105 groupo. Tristan’s favorite North Shore mountain bike loop includes a climb up Old Buck to C-Buster, down to the Bridal Path and somewhere off in the woods over there with some friends! When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Tristan playing hockey, wearing a Green Bay Packer’s jersey, putting his foot down as a regular member of the STEED CASTS, and yup, riding his bike.
Shawn Robinson | Sales & Bike Fitting
Shawn is by far the tallest guy who currently works at Steed Cycles! Shawn grew up in Deep Cove and has been working with Steed Cycles since 2010. Shawn’s responsibilities include sales and he is a certified Specialized BG Bike Fit technician. A properly fit bike makes all the difference! Shawn rides an XXXL Specialized Roubaix and an ancient Cannondale RIGID mountain bike that he uses for commuting and shredding on Mt. Seymour, somehow?. Don’t let the bike fool you, he rips! Shawn’s favorite mountain bike laps include most trails on Mt. Fromme and Mt. Seymour. He loves riding his road bike in any situation where he can stand-up and hammer up a hill faster than you. Shawn also races with the Steed Cycles race team. Shawn’s most memorable ride of 2012 was a float plane drop into Lorna Lake in the Chilcotins. His most memorable road ride was riding from Downtown Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, over to the Sunshine Coast where he rode to the other end of the Coast to Powell River, took a ferry across to Comox, and then rode all the way to Nanaimo and ferried back to Horseshoe Bay! When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Shawn building sand kingdoms at Second Beach with his son or playing disc golf poorly at QE Park!
Chris Brown | Marketing & Promotions
After growing up in the Kootenays, Chris moved to North Vancouver in grade 9 and had his first North Shore ride on Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – when there was dirt on the trail! Chris has been with Steed Cycles since 2009 and his responsibilities include marketing, social media, web site management and sales promotion. Chris currently rides a Devinci Dixon mountain bike and a Giant TCR Advanced road bike. His favorite North Shore mountain bike lap includes a climb up BLT on Cypress to the Roaches or down Paul Hogans. Most trails on Fromme also hit the spot during the summer months. Chris’ favorite road rides include Stanley Park laps or out to UBC along Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks. In 2012, Chris’ most memorable rides included a couple days exploring Pemberton and the Chilcotins on his Dixon. When not at Steed Cycles, you can find Chris working as a Realtor in North Vancouver and working with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association as the Director of Membership and Volunteers.