Boogieman Trail Day #5

May 26th, 2012 By Bill MacEwen

Meeting at Bean Around the World for Coffee!

On a perfect sunny saturday Steed Cycles, Giant Canada & Sean Gerke headed up Boogieman to repair some old bridges and breathe life into a tough but classic shore trail. As we walked up from the base, there was a healthy amount of smack talking… “Back in the day I sent that thing on my hardtail with a rigid fork in toe clips!” etc. It was a good start.

Before Shot

We scrambled our way up the steeps and made it to a rotting and awkward uphill bridge. Sean had put in a ton of work before hand, clearing out much of the old wood and installing new stringers.

After Shot!

The new bridge is much more stable and gets you onto the rock faster. An alternate route through a swampy mudbog was thoroughly decommissioned.

The next section was a steep, gnarly piece of woodwork that spat you out into an equally steep right hander and a chewed up chute. The wood was gnar, but in good shape so we left it there and focused on cleaning up the chute.
The chute was braced with stone and wood and topped with gold. The braking area below had become littered with loose rocks, so we raked those aside.

Big thanks to Steed Cycles, Giant Canada, the volunteers & Sean Gerke for making this happen!

-Bill MacEwen

Buffed filled-in section, view from below! Sean Pettersen plans his next x-up line.