BC Super Week – Steed Cycles Team

It has been an eternity since Super Week has finished here in and around Vancouver.  Races span from Vancouver, to Burnaby, to Delta and finally to the boarder town of Whiterock.

The races that you can enter depend on your Category.  Most of the Team, Erin Redl excluded fall in the Cat 3/4 region, with Erin coming in a solid Cat 2.

The following are a bunch of photos taken by Scott Robarts during the UBC Grand Prix and the final race in Whiterock.


The Steed Cycles Race Team at the finish of the UBC Grand Prix. Left to right, Hunter, Ian, Steve, myself, Kim and Scott. Erin raced later in the day because she is bad ass!


Kim Steed putting the hurt on the competition.


Erin Redl representing Steed Cycles in the Whiterock Road race… 16 climbs was all it took.


Kim Steed letting the others know who is boss! When you see Kim next ask for a signed copy of North Shore Extreme 3… in VHS!


Race winner Galen Keller and I at the finish explaining what we were thinking.


We each took turns at the front, and worked together throughout the race. Galen finished first in the final sprint and I ended up with 2nd after a massive leg cramp.