Ride Club BBQ @ Eydt

On June 20th we partnered with The Eydt Wealth Advisory Group to host a special rooftop edition of the monthly Steed Ride Club BBQ.

After a few fun laps of Stanley Park, Cypress lookout or out and back to Horseshoe Bay, we all headed back to Edgemont to enjoy the summer evening on a private patio.

The views, food, beer and friends were incredible! Thank you to Windsor Meats, Beere Brewing and The Eydt Wealth Advisory Group for this event. We look forward to making this a yearly event.

Thank you to everyone who came out to ride with friends. We are already planning another unique event with The Eydt Group and our July/August/September BBQ’s. Stay tuned on our socials for more details.

Thank you to Chris Mallinson for all the great photos. View more of his photos of the event on the Steed Ride Club Facebook Page

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2016 Steed Team Season Wrap Up

Natasha Cowie


Photo: Matt Lazzarotto / Valley Cross Mill Lake

2016 was a year of remarkable symmetry for me, centered on a mountain bike crash that resulted in a broken collarbone, surgery, and an unusual interlude of hiking. Bounding the crash, my mountain bike season before and my cyclocross season after each had a personal breakthrough race – NIMBY 50 and BC CX Championships. Both were atrocious weather, both were 4th place finishes, and both were a transcendental zone for me (i.e., the sweet spot for questionable life choices). I would like to think that these races went so well because, after almost two decades of racing, I’ve started to figure out what I’m doing. More likely I was just too cold to feel my legs. Either way, success.

Lowlights: The collarbone experience – it was a shame to miss out on the rest of mountain bike season, although I tried to stay in shape by aerobic spectating. At least my cowbell skills are on point now.

Highlights: The collarbone experience – it gave me an opportunity to work on all of the aspects of racing that do not take place on the bike. The two new bikes (Specialized Camber and Crux) that I have welcomed into my life and living room. Helping to put on a Full Belgian, Type II Fun BC CX Championships race in Squamish. A visit home to the North Carolina mountains for the UCI NCCX Grand Prix. And most importantly, my teammates and friends, who are unfailingly awesome.
Nimby 50

Photo: Grant Bruce, High Shot Photography

Many thanks to all of our team sponsors. We are incredibly fortunate to have such great support.
I appreciate (SO MUCH) the efforts of the organizers, volunteers, and bike associations that are behind these fantastic races.

Grant Bruce, High Shot Photography / Gearjammer

And special thanks to my coach Monika Marx for encouragement, advice, and workouts that are always good for me, even though sometimes I whine about them.
Bear Mountain Canada Cup – 18th
GearJammer – 5th
Vedder Mountain Classic – 2nd
NIMBY 50 – 4th
Sumas SmackDown – DNF’d my way right into the ER
Fort Langley Classic – 2nd
Seattle MFG Moor Cross – 6th
Vanier Park – 5th
Valley Cross Cultus Lake – 2nd
Cross Border Clash – 2nd
Pumpkin Cross – 4th
Aldergrove – 2nd
Valley Cross Mill Lake – 2nd
BC Cup CX Championships – 4th
UCI North Carolina Grand Prix – 18th and 16th

Photo: Ewan MacKenzie / Valley Cross

Dan Gronross

2016 Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix

2016 goes down as one of the oddest years I can remember. I had big plans that I swept under the rug from a cycling perspective until I placed second at BC Provincials Category 3 in May. During that race I mustered up everything I had learned to keep my cool and jump during the race when it looked good. The personal confidence that came with that win put Super Week in sight for 2016. My BHAG has always been Gastown Grand Prix and while I was ultimately only in the game for 12 laps, it was a personal victory to even be there. I entered all the Criteriums during the week and ultimately let the pros fight it out in Whiterock as my chances at that race were slim to none.

British Columbia Cyclo-Cross Provincials is another high/low/waterlogged/frozen experience for 2016. I still don’t know how we pulled it off, but in the end everyone had a great time and some amazing racing took place. My goal in organizing racing is that the racers have a good time. I am still baffled that anyone had any fun during that race.

Thanks for all the support from friends, family, sponsors and Steed Cycles. None of this would happen if I was doing it alone.

See you in 2017.

Corey Grobe

Photo: Jeannine Avelino

Photo: Jackie Dives

The past year will ultimately go down as a year of growth. Plagued with illness, injury, mechanicals & a general lack of preparation (physically & mentally) throughout the year, it made for some lacklustre race day performances. Many lessons on ‘how not to do it’ will be reflected on over the off season, some of which include the following.

1. Perspective – Don’t loose perspective on why you race. Keep it fun & the mood light. Remember, you’re not getting paid to do this!

2. Perseverance – If you loose perspective, stop having fun, and you’re relatively sane, giving up is a pretty easy route to take… but you will always feel much better if you slog it out to the end, regardless of the result!

3. Stretch – It’s not about how easily you can touch your toes (or knees in my case), but allowing the body to absorb impacts so you don’t tear muscles and soft tissue in a crash… who knew!?

4. Core – Despite my disinterest in core strength exercises and reluctance to admit any supposed benefits, it turns out having a strong core actually matters to a cyclist!  It helps avoid back pain and improves both power transfer & bike handling more than I could have ever been anticipated… damn! #plankssuck

The best part of bike racing is that, no matter the outcome, it’s always a blast.  It definitely helps when the cycling community here in BC is an outstanding group of folks!  And to top it off, the Steed Cycles family is such an amazingly supportive & inclusive team.  With the continual presence of contagious smiles and good natured heckling, you can never take anything too seriously!

Natalia Mulekova

Photo: Corey Grobe

Photo: J. Lissimore

This years cycling season was diverse, exceptionally long and, as always, challenging. I ventured into the new territory of mountain bike racing that started in early March, built upon last years experience of road racing throughout the summer, took part in my first time trial, transitioned into long-awaited cyclocross in the fall and topped it off with some new-to-me track. I came to realize towards the end of the season that my biggest achievement was not the race results or kilometres covered by bike, but the notion of feeling as chipper, motivated and excited to ride my bike now in the midst of frosty December as I was back in muddy March. Who says it is a ski season?…I still want to rip bikes in the woods.

Cyclocross was undoubtedly the highlight of the year. Belgian mud, pouring rain and good old race battles will not be forgotten any time soon. The support of the team and friends that became one and the same this year was outstanding.

Some of the race results this year included

3rd – cat.3 – BC Provincial Time Trial Championships

6th – cat.3 – BC Provincial Road Championships

5th – 30-34 Female – Test of Metal XC

5th – 30-39 Masters – Canada Cup XCO

4th – Vanier Park – CX

6th – Queens Park CX

6th – Junkyard Cross CX

5th – Donkey Cross – Castle Park CX

3rd – Valley Cross – Cultus lake CX

5th – Pumpkin Cross CX

6th – Aldergrove CX

6th – BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships

 Kevin Owens

Provincial Road Championships

Provincial Road Championships

The end of another season of cycling with the best team in town and I even managed to build on my crash streak, taking it into a second year.  This year I focused on upgrading from road rash to collar bone break and pretty much nailed it by the middle of the season when, apparently, it was all starting to get a bit too much fun.  Nonetheless, 2016 was a super fun season with a great team that notched some awesome results.

Highlights of the season were the Provincial Road Race Championships on a super fun course and getting back on the bike in time for the end of season RBC GranFondo Whistler.

Lindsay von Bloedau


Photo: Keith Ng

My road season this year can best be described as “brief”. I wasn’t planning to do much road racing beyond the local Tuesday night races; however, in the end I couldn’t resist doing Super Week. My appearance at Gastown Grand Prix lasted approximately 11 minutes, but I managed to (partially) redeem myself by picking up a couple of primes in the Cat 3/4 PoCo Grand Prix later in the week.


Photo: Robert de Rot

I raced Intermediate for CX this year and was firmly (perhaps validly) categorized as a sandbagger by the end of it. I did almost all of the local races  and managed to scrape together enough points for a win in the Premier Series and second in the VCXC Series. The highlights of the season for me were the two wins at Valley Cross, while the most memorable race was definitely Provincials (I just got the feeling back in my toes!), which was also my first time racing Elite.

Photo: Robert de Rot

Anna Pettersen

Photo: Corey Grobe

I had tons of fun riding with such an amazing group of team mates at Steed this year. Leading the ride club groups at the start of the season was a blast, especially seeing the jump in fitness that the members accomplished by the end of the summer.

Unfortunately my race season was cut short after my second event in Whistler where I suffered some tearing in my calf muscle. I’m especially sad I missed the Provincials in Squamish that our team put so much hard work into hosting this year.

I’ve just started running again and I can’t wait to get back out on my bike in 2017!

Shawn Pettersen

Hunter Lowden

Hunter Lowden

photo: Matt Lazzarotto

2016 was a different year for me as I tried to balance work, a young family, and riding. My focus shifted a bit from weekly crit racing to two specific road race events. Goal number one was to get a Steed Team rider on the podium for the Master’s Provincial champs, and goal two was to perform well at the inaugural Americas Masters Games road race.

After a recon ride of the provincial road race course the team had a rough strategy for how the races would unfold (for our Cat 3, and Masters groups). Steve was on great form all season, so it was amazing to see him execute the strategy to perfection and take the win!

The Americas Masters Games was towards the end of August which helped me get more kilometres in over the summer. I had covered the Camosun St hill section numerous times over the summer to try to get a feel for any nuances as it would likely be a significant section of the race.

On the day of the race, the peloton was greeted by low cloud and mist, and a noticeable Easterly wind. This would make the long section down UBC highway a little more interesting.The masters group had many age groups racing together, which changes the tactics slightly from normal Cat racing, so it was harder to ‘play’ the racing game as it wasn’t just about shop teams! Every time a rider attacked, it was important to analyze how strong they were with respect to the group, how many team members were in the group, what age category they were in, and how many people were interested in bringing him back… Chasing back a break when you don’t have team mates to work for isn’t that gratifying, so I took a page from Dan’s racing repertoire and attacked more than I usually would (‘it’s more fun to be the hammer than the nail’). Coming into the last lap, the group had fragmented and I found myself in a small group at the front of the race. After quickly checking who was who, I realized that I was now the only person left in my age group. I worked hard to stay with the attacks until the finish, but eased off the back coming into the final corner as there was little point of banging bars to the finish when it was not going to positively effect my race. It was a great event to participate in, and I was happy to win my age group.

I’m looking forward to 2017, and have taken some advice from Eric on how he manages to get so many kilometres in with family so I plan on putting that to good use!

Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones

Photo: Jeannine Avelino

The 2016 CX series marks my 16th year of racing cyclocross. It was an amazing season after enduring some health issues last season and into most of this year. I was happy when things turned around just in time for CX training.

The Steed team is absolutely amazing and it is a pleasure to know each team member. Everyone is incredibly supportive and driven to achieve their own goals and goals of the team. The season wouldn’t be the same without them. Big thanks to Steed Cycles for their support and for making the team possible.

I am so excited to see so many new faces joining the sport and especially excited to have so many new women in the elite field. I love to see so many people enjoying the sport that I hold dear.

I am especially proud to finish in the lead of the VCXC series in the Elite women’s field. Finishing as the most consistent rider means a lot when I wasn’t sure I would be able to race. My favorite races this season include the classic Moor Cross in Redmond, Washington. We had an amazing day prior to the race exploring Redmond via bicycle. The weather was beautiful sunshine and this course never disappoints. I also loved the Valley Cross Cultus lake course which is well suited to my skills, flat and twisty. I always love a good sand section! I also enjoyed the challenges of the Aldergrove course this year. Big thanks to everyone that put on a race this year making the season amazing.


Race Results:

4th Fort Langley Classic

4th Donkey Cross

1st MFG – Moor Cross

3rd Vanier CX

2nd Queens CX

3rd Junkyard Dog CX

1st Valley Cross – Cultus Lake

3rd Pumpkin CX

3rd Cross Border Clash

3rd Aldergrove CX

3rd Valley Cross – Mill Lake


John Ramsden / Blake Ramsden

I started the year riding the Spring Classics in Europe – excellent ride in the Paris Roubaix Sportif to finish 170 k in a respectable time.

John finishes the High Cascades 100 in Bend Oregon again with a respectable time!

Blake went on to race most of the NSMB Fivers usually finishing top 10.

He then did the BC Bike Race finishing 14 overall. Amazing result!

John Ramsden

David Gordon

David Gordon

This year was my first season riding for the #SteedGreenMachine, and what a year it’s been. I came in to the year with some pretty big goals, perhaps a little too big in hindsight. Aim for the stars, right?

MTB Results:

•Bear Mountain Canada Cup – 26th (puncture & mechanical)

•Vedder Classic TechC- Not sure on the result but I’m sure I had more fun that everyone else 🙂

•Nimby50 – 13th overall

•JunkYard Dog XCO – 3rd mens elite

•Test of Metal – Concussion

A winter of slogging through the slush with Greg, Corey and the Natasha’s seemed to pay off pretty well with some good results early on. First race of the season was also my first ever UCI race (Cat 2). I had no idea what to expect going in to the race, and it felt pretty crazy sharing a start line with some past, current (and probably soon to be) Olympic and World Cup riders. Pretty much my only goal for this race was to not get lapped, and I almost made it!

I was really looking forward to the Vedder, I had ridden some of those trails before and knew that the Valley crew would put on a good show. Unfortunately I had a couple of weeks travelling with work before this, so my legs did not put on such a good show!

Onwards to Nimby50 and I had a bit of time to recharge the legs. I snuck in a quick sunny pre-ride with Tasha the week before and immediately understood why everyone raved about this race so much. Proper BC trails, with a brute of a climb in the middle. Apparently the previous year was 30+deg, but this year it was a wet and chilly 4deg! I think this played in my favour a bit, as I tend to overheat on the hot days, and who doesn’t love getting wild on wet rocks? Looking back I’m pretty lucky I managed to get home in one piece, but I ended up crossing the line in 2hrs30min which I was pretty happy with.

Test of Metal was my ‘A’ race for this year. This was the final edition of this iconic BC race, and I wanted a good result. Unfortunately the ToM had other plans; somehow I ended up crashing on probably the easiest section of trail on the course, exploding my helmet and picking up a concussion. But hey, at least the bike was ok!

Photo: Jeannine Avelino

Cross results:

•Aldor Acres – 8th

•Castle Cross – 9th

•JunkYard Cross – 5th

•Pumpkin Cross – 5th

•Cross on the Rock Nanaimo – no idea where I finished but it was a sweet race

•Mill Park Valley Cross – 3rd

•Steed BC CX Provincials – erm….

I love the ‘cross scene here in Vancouver, and we are pretty spoilt to have options to race pretty much every weekend from September through to December. Highlights of the season included riding the ridiculous third run-up at Castle Cross, leading Craig for half a lap at JYD, dressing up as peter pan at Pumpkin cross and getting my highest placing at Valley Cross. Highlights did not include this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNSpQefgmo1/?taken-by=7meshinc&hl=en but I was having an excellent time up until that point! Shout out to Dan and Paul (and all of the Steed crew) for putting on such an awesome event despite the horrific conditions in Squamish that day!

I have learned a lot this year, and I’m already looking forward to some new events and old classics next year.

Carey Mark


Have to say, it was my best season yet. I focused mostly on mountain biking and cycle cross, got away from the road bike, just due to time, family and all the in betweens. Sometimes the biggest race is keeping up with it all.

This year I felt so fortunate to have the Island Cup XC series in my back yard,  amazing trail, and the best riding friends. I finished 1st overall in the IC Series 2016, even though I missed the final to take my son to his last lacrosse tourney game. (It was a plea from him to win MVP,  or go to my race. He won!)


Onto the marathon races, starting with the Coal Town Classic, Gear Jammer and the final Test of Metal. I placed second, first and third, respectively, with great competition surrounding me. Really felt like my social rides on the enduro bike, my race to train opportunities, and overall experience, pulled together. I also accumulated a couple black eyes, a broken thumb and a few (8) stitches that toughened me up and gave me some resilience for a long season.

Throughout the spring, I threw in a few more races, like the Bear Mountain (11th)and Whistler Canada Cups (4th) to gather a few UCI points. I had an amazing XC season.

img_8813After a short summer hiatus from racing, I bounced into the Cross on the Rock series for cyclocross. (Biggest CX series in Canada). I placed 1st overall in the series, with a 1st place finish at every race. Perfect score! Naturally, I was super stoked to take part in the last race of my year, BC Provincials in Squamish, where I placed 3rd overall woman!

Now for some R&R, (rest and repeat!!) Ready to come in blazing for 2017!

Steed Cycles Ladies have Breakout Year

In 2015 the Steed Cycles Race Team set out to add some up and coming females to its roster. For the past few seasons Kelly Jones and Carey Mark had flown the flag. The injection of new talent inspired the Team to take race wins, championships and clean up on the Podium at Provincials. Below is some of the highlights of the year from all our riders.

Natasha Cowie:

Lowlights: A path of destruction through all of the course tape that I encountered (apologies to everyone who had to repair tape in my wake) and missed cross races due to a rib injury from coughing too much, or as I prefer to call it, “fighting with a mountain lion”

Highlights: The view from the top of the NIMBY climb, a successful chase in 38 degree heat at XC provincials, a double header in rain and sunshine at the UCI Seattle Cup, and the unflagging energy and enthusiasm of my teammates

Thanks to all of our sponsors and the many people who have supported us in every way. And a special shout out to the race organizers, volunteers, and spectators who make this whole thing possible.


Sunshine Coaster – 7th

Orecrusher – 6th

NIMBY 50 – 12th

Test of Metal – 15th

BC Cup XC Championships – 3rd Elite Women

GearJammer – 3rd

JABR – 4th


VCCX Fort Langley Classic – 3rd

COTR Pro City Grand Prix – 3rd

Pumpkin Cross – 4th

COTR Kona Kup – 5th

COTR My Little Pony Cross – 3rd

UCI Subaru Cyclo Cup – 19th and 18th

JunkYard Cross – 2nd

BC Cup CX Championships – 4th Elite Women

VCCX b Team Superprestige – 3rd

Photo credit:

BC Cup – Matt Lazzarotto

Test of Metal – Grant Bruce, Highshot Photography

Junkyard – Scott Robarts

Test of Metal

I closed my mouth when I saw the photographer

Other times I definitely saw the photographer

I raced in Whistler

Natalia Mulekova:

To say that my cycling results this year exceeded my expectations is to say nothing.  I bought my first cyclocross bike at the end of 2014 and my first mountain bike in the early 2015.  I
owned a road bike for a few years, but rode it leisurely and never expected bike racing to become an item I would commonly put on my calendar.  The only goal I had at the beginning
of 2015 is to try out some of the local bike races that back then seemed mighty intimidating to even consider signing up for.  I had to start from level “0” to develop cycling skills and
techniques that seem so obvious now: starting from proper cornering on a road bike to ‘wheelies’ on a mountain bike.  Looking back at 2015, I recall a few moments which made me
realize that the best part of racing this year were not the results, but the experience of joining an amazing team. A special moment came when nearly entire Steed team came to cheer and
support me in the Gastown Gran Prix race.  Do I have to mention that just to come to the start line of this race was a daring experience for me? The guys must have sensed I needed
support.  A similar moment came at the finale of the cyclocross season when at the start line of provincial championships Steed elite women’s squad ‘outnumbered’ their competitors from
other teams.  I thought to myself this was the moment worth waiting all year for, a chance to have fun on the bike with so many of my friends that I am lucky to call my teammates.

Escape Velocity Spring Series:
Thunderbird Road Race, C group, 4th
Murchie Road, C group, 7th
Thunderbird Long Road Race, D group, 1st
Escape Velocity Tuesday Night Crits (WTNC):
Glenlyon course, Apr 24, cat 4, 3rd
Glenlyon course, Jun 9, cat 4, 3rd
Glenlyon course, June 24, cat 1/2/3, 3rd
Valley Granfondo, 11th
Whistler Granfondo, Giro race, 14th

Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition race series (VCXC):
Fort Langley Classic, B group, 1st
Foreshore Park, B group, 1st
Cloverdale Rodeo, A group, 3rd
Vanier Park, A group, 6th
Queens Park, A group, 2nd
Atomic Superprestige, A group, 9th
Castle Cross, A group, 2nd

VCXC – Elite women’s group series winner

BC Premier series cx races:
Pumpkin Cross, A group, 7th
Junk Yard Cross, A group, 8th
BC premier series, A group, 6th

Cross on the Rock cx races:
Pro City GP, Topaz Park, Victoria, Expert group, 2nd
My Little Pony Cross, Nanoose, Expert group, 6th
Kona Cup, Nanaimo, Expert group, 8th

Subaru Cyclo Cup, Lakewood US, day 1, Intermediate, 1st
Subaru Cyclo Cup, lakewood US, day 2, UCI/USAC, Elite, 23rd

Trail Running:
Squamish 50 mile race – 5th

6-Nat Mulekova 5-Nat Mulekova 4-Nat_Mulekova

Photo Credits:

Photo 1 by N/A

Photo 2 is by Brett Whitehead (thewholeshot.ca)

Photo 3 is by Matt Lazzarotto


Anna Pettersen:

Super fun CX season on the best team in town!

My goal this year was to be able to race for fun, fitness and to be a role model for my two very active kids.


Sept 20/2015   Burnaby Foreshore, Burnaby          5th intermediate women

Sept 27/2015   Whistler CX, Blackcomb                    DNF

Oct 4/2015       Vanier Park, Vancouver                  3rd master women

Oct 10/2015     Queens Cross, New Westminster   1st intermediate women

Oct 18/2015      Mahon Park, North Vancouver        2nd intermediate women

Oct 25/2015     Castle Cross, Coquitlam                 2nd intermediate women

Nov 22/2015     Junkyard Cross, Surrey                  2nd intermediate women

Nov 1/2015       Pumpkin Cross, Maple Ridge         2nd intermediate women

Nov 29/2015     BC Championships Squamish BC   3rd master women

IMG_3790 IMG_3779


Photo Credits:

Photo 1 at the BC Championships was take by Shawn Pettersen,

Photo 2 I’m unsure of (a photographer at the Squamish Championships)

Photo 3, Natalia Mulekova


Kelly Jones:

My 2015 season kicked off in May 2015 with Trans Portugal, an epic mountain bike race. It crossed the entire length of Portugal in 8 days from north to south, finishing in Sagres – the southernmost west point of Europe. The race distance was 1023km with a total elevation of 18,309m. The longest day was 171km and the shortest day 95km. Trans Portugal was an incredible race in every aspect. Everyone I interacted with was exceptional from fellow racers to support staff. Without the encouragement and good company of old and new friends, I would not have made it through.
Every day that I made it to the finish line was a victory in itself. I always thought I was tough, but this race was truly epic. It was definitely a worthwhile experience and you would never see a country as we did from behind a bicycle.

Trans Portugal 2015 – 68th out of 90 participants – completing 7 stages, 834km, 15,558m of elevation.

Other 2015 races:

Test of Metal – 45-49 – 4th

*Goal achieved – improved time from 2014

UBC Gran Prix – Corporate challenge – only woman competing in the Elite Category

Cyclocross 2015 – 15th year racing CX!

The 2015 season was unusual after competing in Trans Portugal. I had no idea the toll that a race of that

magnitude would have on my body. It was slow to start, but I managed to pull together a good final race at BC

Provincial Championships in Squamish. I was so proud of the entire Steed team, but especially proud of all of

the Steed women. After 14 years of competitive cyclocross, my greatest joy is seeing how other people get so

much out of a sport I have loved for so many years.

I look forward to 2016.

Elite Results:

Highlight: BC CX Champs – 3rd place and on the podium with my teammates

Vanier Park – 7th

Mahon – 5th

Castle Cross – 3rd

Pumpkin Cross – 6th

Valley Cross – 2nd

Ronde Van Hogwarts – 8th

Junkyard Dog XC – 2nd

BC CX Champs – 3rd

Brodie Team Super Prestige – 4th

unnamed TP2015_DAY5_045 TP2015_DAY1_292

Carey Mark:

2015 was a PB year for me. With many personal highlights including, my continued support from Steed Cycles. I enjoyed participating in some new as well as tried and true events. Mixing my XC Mtb races with some new enduro events and some cross country running for a fun endurance training challenge.
A few highlights included a PB, category win for the Test of Metal and Nimby 50. I held my reign for the Cross on the Rock Cyclocross Series. I placed first overall elite woman win at the Cumberland Marathon, Cumberland 12hour (team of two), and Fletcher’s challenge (15k trail race). I also trained for my first 50km trail race­ placing 1st in category and fourth overall woman at Squamish 50.
Finally, in addition to being a proud Steeds Cycling team member, I joined Juliana Bicycles as an Ambassador.

Mountain Biking 2015:

Member of Steed Cycles Race Team
Member of Juliana Bicycles Ambassador Team

Competed in 4 Island Cup races
Island Cup XC #1 ­ Hartland 3rd overall female

Island Cup XC #2 ­ Hammerfest 2nd overall female

Island Cup XC #3 ­ Cobble Hill 1st overall female

Island Cup XC #4 ­ Cumberland 4th overall female

Competed in 4 Marathon Events Cumberland MTB Marathon ­ 50km­ 1st overall female
Nimby Fifty ­ Pemberton BC 1st masters woman, 7th overall female

Test of Metal ­ Squamish BC 1st female 45-­49, 11th overall female
Cumberland 12hr Marathon ­ Cumberland BC 1st place ­ team of 2

Enduro MTB:

Hammerfest Enduro ­ 1st place female

Maple Mountain Enduro ­ 4th place female

Cyclo Cross:

Cross On The Rock Series winner 2015 1st place elite woman overall series
Cyclocross Provincials 2015 2nd place elite woman

Running 2015:

­ Fletcher’s challenge ­ 15km event ­ 1st place woman 1:21:56

­ Squamish 50 event ­ 1st place masters woman, 4th overall female 6:19:00

Local Achievements:

Nanaimo Sports Achievement Winner for 2014­15 ­ Top Individual Female Athlete of the Year

IMG_0737 FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender


Mel Gabana:

Mountain Biking

Dirty Duo – Women Relay – 7th (3rd fastest bike time for women)

Junkyard Dog XC – Elite Women – 4th

Sunshine Coaster – Women 20-29 – 1st

Cumberland Marathon 50k XC – Open Women, 5th

Nimby Fifty – Women 20-29, 7th

BC Bike Race 7-day stage race – Open Women, 6th


GS Cypress Challenge

Women 25-34, 5th

Overall Women, 11th


BC Premier Series Winner- Intermediate Women

Foreshore Park CX – Intermediate, 3rd

Cyclocross Whistler Day 1 – Intermediate, 2nd

Cyclocross Whistler Day 2 – Intermediate, 1st

Vanier Park CX – Intermediate, 2nd

New West CX Queens Park – Intermediate, 3rd

Pro City Grand Prix  in Vic – Intermediate, 6th

Mahon Park CX – Intermediate, 4th

Castle Cross CX – Intermediate, 1st

Pumpkin Cross CX – Intermediate, 1st

South Surrey Super Prestige CX – Intermediate, 1st

BC CX Provincials Championships – Elite, 5th


IMG_1619 image1(1)

Natasha’s Race Report – BC Cup 2015

BC Cup 3

Even in the calm of early morning, the sunshine dazzled Howe Sound with urgent intensity. Light seared the white peaks along Sea to Sky as I drove to Whistler for the BC Provincial XC Championships, wondering what to expect in a race so different from the technical marathons of the Sunshine Coast and Squamish. The day’s agenda would be multiple laps (6) around a short course (4.4 km) in blazing heat (37+ degrees C) – a very familiar race format and temperature to me from my days racing in the southeastern US. Those days were several years back, though, and until Saturday I hadn’t raced in crazy heat for a long time.

“Warming up” before my race felt like one of the more redundant things I’ve ever done, seeing as how the temperature in my car was 46 degrees when I unpeeled myself from the seat to go spin around. Nevertheless I made my way over to the top of Peaches en Regalia to watch the Juniors come flying past headed for their final lap. Great to see such a huge Junior field, and they can all shred like mad.

Soon enough I found myself in the start corral looking down a dusty gravel path. The heat rolled off the ground in waves. One minute from start, I was not in a cheery mood. My mouth was so dry my lips kept sticking to my teeth. Fifteen seconds from start I was considering bailing straight down the hill into the creek.

Then we were off. In an instant, everything clicked. I stopped being mad at the heat. It ceased to be the personal vendetta of a hateful sun. Instead, it was a force to respect, to work with. My entire race was a contest of temperature, a dialogue between my body and the heat. If I pushed to the line, I gained ground and closed gaps. If I pushed slightly over the line, my legs broke out in goosebumps and chills skittered down my spine. Back off, recover, push again. Skratch mix in my bottles kept me hydrated and electrolyted.

For much of the race I was close to a couple of very strong and talented Whistler racers, Chloe Cross and Cathy Zeglinski. I fought to stay on Cathy’s wheel for the first half of the race but lost touch when she bridged up to Chloe. I spent a lonely couple of kilometers wallowing in despair before cheering spectators gave me the mental push I needed. I got down to business, gave an all-or-nothing effort, caught up, and closed the race in third. Congratulations to Chloe and Katie Button for their respective second and first place finishes – it was an honor to be on the podium alongside these two excellent riders.

Met up with Owen, Andrea, and Cody Scott at the finish and we caught up on the day’s events. Owen had a strong race, we were on the course at the same time so I couldn’t see him but it was awesome to know we had two Green Machine racers representing. Great job Cody on powering through the field in the U15 race despite a flat on the last lap.

I closed the evening with a swim in Howe Sound and a Bridge Brewing Hopilano on the beach. Lovely finish to an exciting day.

BC Cup 4

Stagecoach 400 – Bike, Gear, and other items

Having never bike pack raced before; I was at a bit of a loss as to where to start. So back to the Internet and voila, lots of information. There is even a website dedicated to bikepacking. Further, the organizers of this race/ride are Brendon Collier and Mary Metcalf-Collier, she of the documentary “The Tour Divide”. The Tour Divide is the grandfather of these races. It is a race from Banff to the Mexican border down the Great Divide. Search “Tour Divide” on Netflix and have a watch; it’s pretty intense stuff. Brendan and Mary run a bike shop (Hub Cyclery – www.hubcyclery.com) in Idyllwild, California which is our start location for the race. Their website has a plethora of information on bike packing and the equipment needed.


I started with my Santa Cruz Blur TR and fitted with a seat post bag from Revelate designs. The bag holds all of my sleeping gear as well as extra clothes, toiletries, and spare parts. It’s kinda cool as it sticks out about a half a metre behind the seat without impacting wheel motion, and surprisingly doesn’t swing around very much. I also am also using a cylindrical handlebar bag from the same company that holds pretty much everything else. I added an extra-large bottle cage below my down tube to carry an extra 2 litres of water. I have two feed bags attached to either side of my head tube and my front shock for easy access to nutrition. I am carrying two Garmin GPS’s (one as a backup) for guidance, and of course a good old map should everything fail.


The weather forecast suggests quite a heat wave in the desert so I think there is a good chance that I will be doing some riding in the dark to avoid heat prostration. I added a Lezyne rechargeable light that I can attach to either my helmet or handlebar. Brendan suggests a good quality air pump with a pressure gauge because tire air pressures in the desert sand need to be in single digits if you intend to ride, and that clearly won’t work when you hit pavement.

Desert Dirt Road

All this adds weight to the bike and requires adjustment to both rear and front shock pressures. I was pleasantly pleased that most of the weight added still remains in the food and fluids, and not in the equipment and /or clothes themselves. My test ride down Espresso on Mt Fromme suggests I probably won’t be setting any new descending records.


Watch my progress at www.trackleaders.com under Stagecoach 400. I’ll try to update my progress by Instagram also at @jramsden59.

Stagecoach 400 – Something New – Something Different – John Ramsden

It’s amazing what you can find cruising the Internet these days. I’m always looking for something new to try and last year while R and R ing in Palm Springs I happened onto a link for the Stagecoach 400. Old school adventure racers like Dave Norona and Bob Faulkner had only word of mouth by which to discover another crazy adventure. Life is so much easier now… until you sign up.

Stagecach poster

The Stagecoach 400 is a 400 mile self-supported bike packing race from Idyllwild, California to San Diego, and back in a big circle. It drops down from the Santa Rosa – San Jacinto Mountains into the Anza Borrego desert. Once through the desert, it climbs through the Viejas Mountains and the Cleveland National forest before descending into San Diego. Once in San Diego, the route heads out onto Coronado Island before a ferry ride back to San Diego’s waterfront. It’s then a cruise up the California coast though La Jolla before heading back into the mountains returning to Idyllwild. The time limit is 5 days… 0600 March 27, 2015 to 0600 March 31, 2015.


What is self-supported? In plain terms… Start with “Pedal the entire route, under your own power, using no outside assistance or prearranged support.” Add to that, the vibe of “Do nothing that not everyone else can do.” Sounds simple? Right.

Well, we shall see. Follow me on Trackleaders.com http://trackleaders.com/stagecoach15 and see how it goes.


Further information coming later this week about bikes, gear and setup!