Steed Ride Club Winter Training

For the third year running, we are back with a winter Zwift ride club!

All the details to get set up are below. If you have any questions please email

Rides are every Sunday morning at 8:35AM starting on the 17th of November. After rolling out from the starting gate, the Steed Cycles ride leader we will begin with a  brief warm-up (for about 5 minutes) and ramp up to ‘club-pace’ of 2.5 – 3 W/kg, slowing down briefly at times (1.5 – 2 W/kg) for the club to re-group – please keep with the ride leader during this time.   In the final 10 minutes, riders will get to ‘stretch their legs’ and can break loose from the pack to the end if they choose – or just hang with the group.  Enjoy!

Everyone is welcome – you do not have to be a part of the Steed Ride Club to attend so encourage your friends and family to ride along.

Steed Ride Club’s winter training event link via Zwift will be live 5 days before each event.


17th Nov 2019 – 8:35AM

24th Nov 2019 – 8:35AM

1st Dec 2019 – 8:35AM

8th Dec 2019 – 8:35AM

15th Dec 2019 – 8:35AM

How to join the ride?

– Use the Zwift Mobile Link app on your phone. Click the Events tab and Join the “Steed Ride Club Winter Workout” on Sunday at 8:35am. You can also join the event directly on the Zwift app on the morning of the event.

– Add the letters STEED to the end of your name using the user settings of the Zwift app. This will make it clear who is part of the club ride. (We will use this to identify ride club members for prizes.)

– Try and get on Zwift at least 5 – 10 minutes in advance of the start time to make sure you are not late and get in a bit of a warm-up.

– When it’s nearing time for the event to start, you’ll see a popup letting you know it’s time to officially join and get to the starting line.

– You can click “Let’s Go” or just let it auto-select to teleport automatically to the starting gate. You can also click on “JOIN EVENT” at the bottom left.

– Zwift will take you the virtual starting gate with all of the other riders and the countdown will begin.

If you are not on Zwift, here are some links you can follow for more information on how to get started.

There are also tons of Youtube videos with tips on how to get started.

Click here to see our range of trainers available in store or online.

Have fun!!

2019 Season Round-Up

The summer has come to an end here in the northern hemisphere and we’re headed into fall. The temperatures are dropping and the nights are getting longer. Summer of 2019 was an amazing season here at Steed Cycles, and we’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the best bits.

We had an incredible year for Ride Club in 2019!

2019 Ride Club

Ride Club is a social road cycling club, with 5 different ability groups. 2019 was our biggest and best year yet for Ride Club. With a massive 270 members, we kicked it off in style back in April with monthly BBQs (thanks to Bridge Brewing for the refreshments!) for all members and a brand new jersey for everyone.

Amazing weather this summer meant conditions were great and barely any rides got rained out. We saw a bunch of old faces and new ones too with an incredible average turn-out of 100 riders. For those newbies, it was great to meet you and we hope you come back next year!

Notable moments include monthly tech-nights, the introduction of gravel rides for this year, and an expedition to Mt Baker  back on the 24th August . The photos from this ride alone speak volumes!

Massive thanks to all of our 36 Ride Club leaders for 2019 for the grand total of 324 groups led! You all did an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of joining Ride Club and to join for 2020.

NSMBA Fiver #4 presented by Steed Cycles and Patagonia. Photo by Scott Robarts

NSMBA Fiver #4

This year’s fiver was an absolute blast! For those unfamiliar with the fiver’s, it’s a casual evening race series held by the NSMBA throughout summer between Seymour and Fromme with an enduro format. Each round is sponsored by a different local business (usually bike-related) with Steed and Patagonia headed up rd.4 on Fromme.

The route for rd.4 was absolutely killer, taking in some classic trails. Stage 1 was a real thigh burner  – 7th Secret into Leppard. Stage 2 changed things up with a climb back up mountain highway to drop into Lower Oilcan. Stage 3 was a quick blast down the very end of Dreamweaver. All in all, a great mix of trails and a sweet race!

The race was wrapped up back here at the shop with live music from The Tanglers and a serious spread of food and drinks provided by the kind folks at Patagonia. The BBQ and bar were expertly handled by our pair of Australians Jarrad and Michael.

Follow this link to find out more about the Fiver series and all that the NSMBA does.

We helped put down some fresh dirt on Pennzoil this year!

Dig days

We do our best here at Steed to give back to the trails, and for the 2019 season, we adopted Pennzoil near the bottom of Fromme. This trail was getting pretty beaten up and rutted out, so we chose to give it our loving attention. This meant a financial donation and regular dig days with members of staff and customers turning up to lend a hand in giving the trail a new lease of life.

We re-sculpted some really rough trail before the wooden roller so that the right hand line around the rock feature was more easily rideable. Currently we are working on building a new exit that better utilises the available terrain and elevation so that mountain bikers needn’t ride the hiking path at the very end and can instead ride something with better flow.

To find out more about the NSMBA’s trail adoption program, click here. You can read more about what we do on our Community Involvement page.

Thanks Phil, for just being you!

Killer staff

For summer of 2019 we had an amazing crew on board. We work hard to make sure that we have the best staff around and this year was no exception. Everyone was motivated, keen to ride bikes and help customers ride their bikes!

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for making the 2019 summer what it was and for just being you!

If you want to put a name to a face, you can see our staff page here!

Massive thanks to all of our racers, ambassadors and everyone else this year!


A huge thank you to all of the ambassadors and race team!

Ambassadors are a huge building block of the community, volunteering at trail days, group mountain and road rides, and races. We couldn’t do it without them!

John Ramsden, who has been racing for us as well as an ambassador for 15 years, gets an honourable mention for convincing Phil, Branden and Kim to enter the Trans-Cascadia 4 day Enduro down in Washington. From all reports it was an amazing and epic event with killer singletrack, and views that will never be forgotten.

Check out our Race Team page to see who is racing for us this year.

And a massive thank you to all of our customers!


A bike shop couldn’t be what it is without the customers, and here at Steed, we think we have the best customers around! 2019 was an incredible year for all of us. We got some great rides in, met some amazing people, and the shop had it’s biggest and best year ever.

We truly have you guys, our friends and customers, to thank for this. From those that have been shopping with us from the very start way back in 1997, to first-time customers. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you for being a part of the Steed community.


Sorry if we’ve missed anyone out on here, we appreciate every single person that’s been a part of our journey so far, and we can’t wait for summer 2020!

John’s Tour Aotearoa

Tour Aotearoa – Bikepacking New Zealand

We are excited to share JOhn Ramsden’s adventure across New Zealand by bike. Learn more as he prepares for this ride of a lifetime and follow along.

Tour Aotearoa is one of the world’s great bikepacking trips: stretching 3,000km from Cape Reinga to Bluff it follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, paths and lanes connected by the most enjoyable country roads available.

I first heard about it from Anka Martin at TransProvence 2015. It was her intent to participate in the first event which occurred in February of 2016. The event is the brainchild of Jonathon Kennet who has patched together the collection of roads and trails that trace the entire length of New Zealand.

The event is a Brevet. There are a few rules. They can be essentially broken down to

  1. It is self-supported – no outside help
  2. You must complete the exact route in more than 10 days and less than 30.
  3. You must have 6 hours rest in the 24 hour period from 9am to 9am, and
  4. There are 30 photo control points where you must take a picture to prove you were there.

And that is essentially it.

I have had a fair amount of time to think about the event and the logistics involved. I have used the information I learned from bikepacking the Stagecoach 400 as well as reading many blogs from the original event in 2016 such as  

I will provide more on my choices in another blog.

You are required to carry a SPOT or similar tracker for the entire event. Follow us at under Tour Aotearoa 2018. There are 6 waves of 100 riders each. The first wave of which I am a part starts February 10, 2018 and the last wave starts February 28. I will be posting as I travel along.

Follow John as he rides here:


Digger Kneeds Knees

Photo by Pinkbike

Back in 1996 I was first introduced to Todd “Digger” Fiander on a bike ride on Mt. Fromme. At the time all the good trails were the secret ones and Todd rode them all. I was lucky enough to get the invite on a few of these rides and knew Todd was going to be a big part of the next revolution in mountain bike trail creation.

He was building trails and filming friends insane enough to ride his trails to make his famous North Shore Extreme Videos. Todd asking me to be in his first NSX video not only got my name into the video and out into the community but also gave publicity to my new bike shop – Steed Cycles. The timing was great and so was what Todd was up to.

The North Shore Trails are well known not only locally but by mountain bike enthusiast all over the world. This is all owed to the hard work and passion of one man – Digger. Because of Diggers work on and off the trails we were able to captialize on the growing mtb scene. People wanted bikes that would allow them to keep up with Todds work and to make sure that their bikes were North Shore worthy. This meant that bike manufacturers changed their suspension requirements, tire sizes and geometry to keep up with Todd’s trails.

Steed Cycles and myself personally owe a lot to Digger not only for his constant support of Steed but for making trails that I personally love to ride and get so much enjoyment from.

We have learned that Todd will be taking some time off from the trails later this Summer as he goes under the knife to replace both of his knees. He will potentially be taking 1 year off and the community has banded together to create a fundraising campaign for the man himself – Digger Kneeds Knees!

Please contribute what you can or share the story with those you feel could give back. We look forward to seeing Todd back on the trails in 2018 better than ever. The Shore wouldn’t be the incredible mountain biking haven it is without the passion and dedication of this man.

Thank you for everything Digger! Heal up!

2016 Remastered Party!

On Thursday May 12th 2016 we celebrated the Remastering of Steed Cycles. Thank you to all our customers, Ride Club, team members, staff, suppliers, brands and friends who can out to help us celebrate this new adventure! We couldn’t have done this without your support and wanted to thank you with our favourites : Beer & Tacos! Thank you to Bridge Brewing, Tacofino & Tinhorn Creek  for entertaining our friends! Cheers to everyone! Take a look below at the new store and fun party times!

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2016 NSMBA Trail Day Report

With two trail days under our belt we are happy to report on some great work happening on Fromme Climbing Trail.


Big thanks to Santa Cruz for working with us this year! We love their dedication to local trail networks and support with the dig and keeping us powered by the amazing sandwich making of Seb Kemp. Check out the Santa Cruz trail report from our first trail day in March :

This past Sunday April 17th, members of the Steed MTB Team and customers came out to lend a hand on the trails and aid in making the climb a little smoother. We will be hosting the next NSMBA Trail Day on Sunday May 22nd 9am. Sign up HERE now if you would like to attend and give back to the Shore.

Please also consider becoming a NSMBA Member or to attend their Community Trail Days. Support where you ride!IMG_6387IMG_6393IMG_6385IMG_6382IMG_6389IMG_6395IMG_6408IMG_6374



Natasha’s Race Report – BC Cup 2015

BC Cup 3

Even in the calm of early morning, the sunshine dazzled Howe Sound with urgent intensity. Light seared the white peaks along Sea to Sky as I drove to Whistler for the BC Provincial XC Championships, wondering what to expect in a race so different from the technical marathons of the Sunshine Coast and Squamish. The day’s agenda would be multiple laps (6) around a short course (4.4 km) in blazing heat (37+ degrees C) – a very familiar race format and temperature to me from my days racing in the southeastern US. Those days were several years back, though, and until Saturday I hadn’t raced in crazy heat for a long time.

“Warming up” before my race felt like one of the more redundant things I’ve ever done, seeing as how the temperature in my car was 46 degrees when I unpeeled myself from the seat to go spin around. Nevertheless I made my way over to the top of Peaches en Regalia to watch the Juniors come flying past headed for their final lap. Great to see such a huge Junior field, and they can all shred like mad.

Soon enough I found myself in the start corral looking down a dusty gravel path. The heat rolled off the ground in waves. One minute from start, I was not in a cheery mood. My mouth was so dry my lips kept sticking to my teeth. Fifteen seconds from start I was considering bailing straight down the hill into the creek.

Then we were off. In an instant, everything clicked. I stopped being mad at the heat. It ceased to be the personal vendetta of a hateful sun. Instead, it was a force to respect, to work with. My entire race was a contest of temperature, a dialogue between my body and the heat. If I pushed to the line, I gained ground and closed gaps. If I pushed slightly over the line, my legs broke out in goosebumps and chills skittered down my spine. Back off, recover, push again. Skratch mix in my bottles kept me hydrated and electrolyted.

For much of the race I was close to a couple of very strong and talented Whistler racers, Chloe Cross and Cathy Zeglinski. I fought to stay on Cathy’s wheel for the first half of the race but lost touch when she bridged up to Chloe. I spent a lonely couple of kilometers wallowing in despair before cheering spectators gave me the mental push I needed. I got down to business, gave an all-or-nothing effort, caught up, and closed the race in third. Congratulations to Chloe and Katie Button for their respective second and first place finishes – it was an honor to be on the podium alongside these two excellent riders.

Met up with Owen, Andrea, and Cody Scott at the finish and we caught up on the day’s events. Owen had a strong race, we were on the course at the same time so I couldn’t see him but it was awesome to know we had two Green Machine racers representing. Great job Cody on powering through the field in the U15 race despite a flat on the last lap.

I closed the evening with a swim in Howe Sound and a Bridge Brewing Hopilano on the beach. Lovely finish to an exciting day.

BC Cup 4

TOM report from Natasha Cowie


Twenty-four hours before the start of the 2015 Test I was standing in the office kitchen eating bison jerky while I watched clouds roll in over the North Shore peaks. This looks like west coast weather, I thought. Good for a west coast mountain bike race. Then I went back to my desk and wrote “water bottles” and “Skratch” on my Steed Grocery List, and wrote “vacuum car” on my List of Things to Do. (Spoiler alert: car is not clean.)


Slightly less than a day later, I stood in the massive start corral during the moment of silence before the race. The silence of hundreds poised to spring forward was so charged with energy it felt like a physical force. Then the Canadian national anthem – always a bit of a surprise and thrill for me since I’m used to the American anthem – then we were off. The roads were lined with spectators yelling and waving signs. Most of the spectators were wearing psychedelic wigs and/or capes and/or were Sasquatch. (More than one Sasquatch sighting along this course.) The Green Machine was well-represented in the field. We hit gravel doubletrack fast and started the race in earnest. Road tactics were going on, there were packs and drafting and sprints for hole shots onto singletrack. The race was astonishingly fast – at least until 9 Mile Hill. But cloud cover and slightly damp gravel made for a relatively non-torturous climb. Gorgeous descent along Ring Creek Rip, pinned down the Plunge, and then one last push through the surreal landscape of Crumpit Woods and Smoke Bluffs to the finish.


If a mountain bike race could be described as luxurious, this would be it. Usually in a race I have to flip the mental override switch – “Thirsty? No you’re not thirsty, you’re fine, don’t touch that bottle, you have 2 oz of water left and 20 km to go, you’re NOT thirsty, nope nope nope…” But there were so many Test feed zones that I could drink all the water I wanted. The spectators and volunteers at the Test are absolutely phenomenal, all of the community support feels great. Huge thanks to the crews at Steed and Suspension Werx, who did a major bike overhaul for me in the week before the race. It was in flawless condition and the suspension was dialed. Also, thanks to everyone who was cheering me on, in person or in spirit. I had a ton of support from my coworkers at Hatfield Consultants and the Marx Conditioning cohort.


A few gear notes: This was my first race wearing my new POC Octal helmet and it was awesome. So much colour! So much ventilation! So many places to put my sunglasses! And the design allows effective hair management for people with ponytail/braid situations like me. I’ve also been loving Muve chain lube (made in Canada!). It’s light and clean but it stays on even through 3+ hour races.


All Images Highshot Adventure Photography

#steedprettyandgritty May Ride


With the North Shore Enduro being held on the same weekend as the Steed Pretty & Gritty ride, it was all about Enduro in our 3rd ride of the season on May 9th. We had a small but keen group ready to pre-ride the course. Since the ride last month featured stages 2 and 4, we focused on stages 1 and 3. The first stage was a long and very physical run down Corkscrew, Salvation, Pingu, and Pangor, while stage 3 showcased the bottom of Forever After, into the Highschool League downhill, and finishing on Hyannis. Pretty & Gritty riders rocked it, sessioning the drops, pumping the bike through the flow and choosing their lines on fast corners.


Sunday, Pretty & Gritty riders were out in full force racing and volunteering at the event. It was so great to see so many people out there, participating, cheering, and volunteering. Congratulations to Jess for an outstanding ride, and thanks to Lisa and Esther for volunteering! Even if you think that racing isn’t up your alley, participating in an enduro can be a great way to ride with your friends, see new trails, and push yourself that little bit harder to succeed at something you never thought was possible!


Thanks again to Race Face for donating this month’s prizes. The lucky contest winners were Rhonna for the stylish Khyber Jersey and Erin for the awesome, water repellent and bright Khyber shorts.


NEXT MONTH’S RIDE: Mark your calendars for June 14th. We’re staying local and it’s going to be a blast! Stay tuned for more info.