7mesh Slab Trail Shorts Are Light, Airy and a Great Fit

7Mesh Slab 7Mesh’s new Slab short has a relaxed yet racy fit, and comfortably covers knee pads.

We've been partnered with 7Mesh as a stockist since the very beginning. We recognised their attention to detail, high quality fabrics and design ethos and wanted to be a part of it. And better yet, they're local too, being based out of Squamish. Ever since then their kit has improved year on year, and they continue to knock it out of the park with amazing technical cycling gear for both road and mountain biking. Today we're here to talk about one of their new trail shorts, the Slab.

For a long time the Glidepath has been their flagship trail/enduro short - tough and baggy, yet light enough for year-round use, it's a great short and a favourite of many. This year however they've introduced a new short to sit alongside the Glidepath - the Slab. The Slab is meant to be a super lightweight, super simple counterpart, something to complement the Glidepath. The Slab is centered around a great fit, light and stretchy fabrics for mobility on the bike, and simplicity. For these reasons and more, since trying the Slab, it's been my go-to short, especially now the weather is getting warmer! Keep reading to find out why...

 7Mesh Slab The Slab is really lightweight, making it a winner on the warmer summer days.

Let's talk fit and fabrics. The Slab uses a a DWR (that's water repellant) fabric with 4-way stretch. It has some pretty large pieces of elastic integrated into the sides of the waist and a waistband with a locking buckle to dial the fit at the front. It's pretty simple and very easy to use. All of this combined with the lightweight fabric that they use makes the Slab super comfortable to wear - the fit is great with no chafing/bunching, it never snags on my seat and it's super lightweight, making it great on the warmer summer days. They're also compatible with knee pads, with plenty of room around the knees and just long enough to cover the top of the pads with no awkward gap.

Onto features, in this case less is definitely more. The Slab has only one pocket - enough for a phone, car keys etc. - it's zippered and sits on the right thigh at the side so that your phone isn't constantly bouncing around on your leg as you're pedalling. Personally I don't like to have anything in my pockets as I'm riding, but it can be a little annoying after riding when I need to have a few things in my pockets, but I can deal with this for how simple and comfortable the rest of the short is. The DWR is water repellant enough for moist trails but it's definitely not a winter short - the Slab is best for those sweaty summer days.

7Mesh Slab With 4-way stretch and a great cut, the Slab won’t hold you back on those spicy lines.

Compared to the Glidepath, the Slab is lighter and more airy with a slightly tighter fit and fewer features. Great for those hot days where you just need something simple to get the job done. Perfect for those riders that stash gear on their bike or in a hip pack (like myself). The Slab is a little less versatile than the Glidepath with a focus on being the best performing short it can be. I'm a massive fan! The Slab short pairs well with the Desperado Merino Henley (pictured) or the Optic Shirt for those warmer rides.

The Slab comes in a men's and women's fit in sizes XS to XXL to fit most riders, and two colours for each - Grateful Red (pictured) and Charcoal in the men's, and Black and Pebble Grey for women's. Retailing at $150 it's just a touch less than the Glidepath as it's a slightly simpler short, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's any less good!