Zwift club rides are back for 2020!

It’s the new year and Zwift rides are back again!

Rides are every Sunday morning at 11:35AM for 70 minutes starting on the 12th of January. After rolling out from the starting gate, the Steed Cycles ride leader we will begin with a  brief warm-up (for about 5 minutes) and ramp up to ‘club-pace’ of 2.5 – 3 W/kg, slowing down briefly at times (1.5 – 2 W/kg) for the club to re-group – please keep with the ride leader during this time.   In the final 10 minutes, riders will get to ‘stretch their legs’ and can break loose from the pack to the end if they choose – or just hang with the group.  Enjoy!

Everyone is welcome – you do not have to be a part of the Steed Ride Club to attend so encourage your friends and family to ride along.

Steed Ride Club’s winter training event link via Zwift will be live 5 days before each event.

steed cycles zwift

Zwift is a great way to get your winter cycling workout!


12th January 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Chris Mallinson

19th January 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Peter Kobzar

26th January 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader- Peter Cross

2nd February 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Chris Mallinson

9th February 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader- Peter Cross

16th February 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Peter Kobzar

23rd February 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Chris Mallinson

1st March 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader – Peter Kobzar

8th March 2020 – 8:35am. Ride leader- Peter Cross

steed cycles zwift

We had turnouts of 160+ riders recently, so get involved!

How to join the ride

– Use the Zwift Mobile Link app on your phone. Click the Events tab and Join the “Steed Ride Club Winter Workout” on Sunday at 8:35am. You can also join the event directly on the Zwift app on the morning of the event.

– Add the letters STEED to the end of your name using the user settings of the Zwift app. This will make it clear who is part of the club ride. (We will use this to identify ride club members for prizes.)

– Try and get on Zwift at least 5 – 10 minutes in advance of the start time to make sure you are not late and get in a bit of a warm-up.

– When it’s nearing time for the event to start, you’ll see a popup letting you know it’s time to officially join and get to the starting line.

– You can click “Let’s Go” or just let it auto-select to teleport automatically to the starting gate. You can also click on “JOIN EVENT” at the bottom left.

– Zwift will take you the virtual starting gate with all of the other riders and the countdown will begin.

If you are not on Zwift, here are some links you can follow for more information on how to get started.

There are also tons of Youtube videos with tips on how to get started.

Have fun!

Don’t have a trainer yet? Shop online or come see us in store now to find out how to get set up!

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