NSMBA Trail Badger Challenge with Steed Cycles

It’s been a tough year, as we all know. I’m sure that back in March when the COVID-19 pandemic shut Canada down, we all imagined that by now things would be back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately that’s not the case, and as a store, we all continue to do our best to stay open whilst keeping our staff and customers as safe as possible.

We were super stoked to get stuck in with the cycling community this year, as we are every year, but the global pandemic has made this pretty tough. Whilst we’ve started to hold trail days in small numbers, the larger events that we wanted to hold such as the Fivers and our Ride Club events have sadly not been able to go ahead. Fortunately, the good folks at the NSMBA have come up with a series of distancing-friendly events called the Social Badger Challenge designed to help get people out there and get them involved!

We might not be able to host a Fiver this year but we can still have fun on the trails!

Social Badger Challenge

From the NSMBA Website:

Get ready for the NSMBA’s first ever “Social Badger Challenge”!

What is the Social Badger Challenge? 

The “NSMBA Social Badger Challenge” is a series of ride challenges through the badge system on Trailforks. Not sure what a Trailforks badge is? Click here to find out!

How does it work?

Every Sunday for the next 8 weeks, we will be revealing a unique badge that you will have 1 week to unlock (Sunday to Saturday). Each badge will be unlocked differently but keep in mind that speed is not a factor so keep it chill and braid your hair, not the trails.

In order to unlock a badge, you must log your ride(s) on the Trailforks app, or sync your ride from Strava. If you complete the badge’s challenge, the badge will automatically be granted to you and show up on your profile.

For every badge you gain, you will be entered to win some fabulous prizes from each badge’s presenting sponsor (listed below). Please note that while anyone can unlock the badges, you must be a NSMBA member to be eligible to win any prizes. You can grab your membership HERE

The specific details of each badge will be linked below and released every week on Sunday morning.

Get ready to become a badger.

With some fresh work on Pennzoil on our Sept 4th trail day it’s running sweet ahead of the Social Badger Challenge!

Steed Cycles badges

So on to our specific challenges. We have two badges for you this week – Battle Tractor for Seymour and Cold Brew for Fromme. Each badge gets you 15% discount in store (note that this does not combine to 30%) for accessories and clothing and will put you into a prize draw to win some awesome prizes from Smith Optics.

The trails and prizes for each badge are as follows:

Battle Tractor:
Good Sir Martin
Upper Severed
John Deer

Prize: Smith Session MIPs helmet

Cold Brew:

Prize: Smith Wildcat glasses

Runner up prizes are some Steed branded DeFeet socks!

Don’t forget, it’s super important to support your local trail organisation, in our case the NSMBA. They do an amazing job of maintaining the trails and advocating for us mountain bikers. Without them we likely wouldn’t have the amazing trail system in the condition that it’s in and awesome events like this. Do them a favour and help them out by buying a trail membership!

Good luck out there everyone, we hope to see you on the trails!

Learn more about the great work the NSMBA do in our podcast with NSMBA president Cooper Quinn!

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