Tacx Trainer season is here

The weather in Vancouver has not been very favourable in the last few months. From Heavy snow to Ice conditions sometimes it is easier just to stay indoors and get the miles in on the trainer. With the massive growth in Zwift everyone is on the trainer program. Don’t want to be dropped in early April on the group ride? Try out our new trainers in store. We have a bunch of new Smart trainers and rollers at the shop. One of our most popular Smart trainer has been the Tacx Neo. Check out what they say about the Neo below:

The NEO Smart is the most powerful and silent indoor trainer to date. It is the only real direct drive as it does not contain any physical transmission like a roller or belt. The NEO($1799.99) is also the only indoor trainer that can simulate different types of road surfaces.

Most silent, accurate and realistic trainer to date

The NEO’s innovative working principle has been the key to mastering the contradiction of being able to create a very powerful yet silent trainer. To optimize power efficiency from pedal to motor we eliminated all physical transitions, no belt, roller or wheel.

2200W <1%
power accuracy

Road surface simulation

Experience the feeling of riding on cobblestones, gravel and off road, all while you are indoors. You feel the vibrations of the road surface in your legs, exactly the way it would feel outdoors. This entirely new feature is unique to the NEO and can be used with some Tacx Films, virtual worlds and Zwift.

The Neo is the ultimate ‘real feeling’ trainer out there but there are lots of other trainer options from Tacx including the Satori Smart($499.99), Blue Matic($249.99), Booster($399.99), Flux($1199.99).

Stop by the store to test ride all of our trainers now.