Steed Cycles Staff Christmas Picks

Welcome to the Steed staff Christmas picks! With Christmas just around the corner, maybe you need a little inspiration for the cyclist in your life. I asked a bunch of the guys here at Steed what they would like for Christmas, let’s see what they said!

Scott – Rockshox Reverb C1

Scott would love a new Rockshox Reverb C1 dropper post. The new C1 has updated internals which mean that it’s way easier to drop, and come up super easy. It has a vent valve which means that users can get rid of the dreaded Reverb squish themselves without having to service it, and because it has a reduced stack, it’s available with a 200mm drop.

The new and improved Reverb would be an awesome upgrade for any bike!

Steve – Spurcycle Bell

The Spurcycle bell has Steve’s attention right now. With it’s loud and crisp ring, it’s perfect for when you’re riding in areas with pedestrians. At $119.99 for the limited edition Chris King version (the regular version is $84.99 it ain’t cheap, but when you have a high quality bike, why would you fit low quality accessories?

Steve wants the limited edition Chris King Spurcycle bell

It’s truly a work of art

Phil – Giant Contend AR1

Phil’s commuter bike is pretty tired and could use a bit of an update. Giant’s Contend AR1 at $2099 would make a perfect replacement – with a nice lightweight alloy frame and Shimano 105 disc groupset, it’s perfect as a commuting machine and winter road (or pub) bike.

The new Giant Contend AR1 would make a sweet new commuter and pub bike for Phil

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Jarrad – Garmin Edge 1030 & Vector 3

Jarrad’s bike computer is getting a bit old these days, so he chose a Garmin Edge 1030 and Vector 3 pedals. The Edge 1030 will make riding new areas easy for him with it’s on-screen mapping functions. He also wants to race more next year, and the Vector 3 power-meter pedals with dual sensing will help him make sure he’s putting his power down properly and give him a better competitive edge.

Jarrad is hoping a new Garmin and Vector power pedals will help his racing.

The Garmin Vector 3 pedals are smart and classy.

Branden – Oneup EDC Tool & Pump

Branden chose the OneUp EDC tool kit with EDC pump and the plug and pliers kit. He’s fed up of having to carry tools with him. With the EDC pump and tool kit, the tools fit neatly inside the pump, so you always have air and tools wherever you go. Brando is going to be ready for anything!

The OneUp EDC tools make a great gift, ensuring you’re never stuck without tools!

The OneUp EDC tool fits neatly inside the pump, it’s really slick.

Sam – Rockshox Digital Shock Pump

Sam wants a Rockshox digital shock pump. He’s paying more attention to his suspension set up these days and having a good shock pump is crucial. A digital pump is way more accurate and repeatable than an analogue one, and will make getting his suspension dialled easier than ever!

Sam wants a Rockshox digital shock pump for christmas

The Rockshox digital shock pump makes setting up suspension a breeze.

Brek – Bell Super Air R

Brek chose the Bell Super Air R helmet as his christmas gift. He wants to be able to shred the trails without having to worry about damaging the moneymaker. With a removable chin bar for climbing and a lightweight vented design, the Super Air R makes keeping your face safe easier than ever – Brek is a smart guy.

The bell Super Air R helmet has a detachable chin-bar and is really well ventilated. Perfect for those concerned about safety and comfort.

Michael – Winter Cycling Clothing

Mike would like to update his winter wardrobe for some premium commuting comfort. A set of 100% Brisker Hydromatic gloves and Shimano MW7 shoes will keep his extremities dry and toasty warm. A Gore C5 Goretex cap will keep his head warm and dry and Smith Reverb glasses to keep the wind out of his eyes.

Some new winter kit would make Mike’s commute a hell of a lot more comfortable!

shimano mw7 shoe

Shimano’s MW7 winter shoe is super warm and waterproof.

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