Help support Santa Cruz employees affected by wildfires

2020 has been a tough year for us all by any measure. For most of us this has been one of the worst years in living memory for many reasons. Few people throughout the entire world have been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic – killing almost a million, disrupting the global economy with many businesses forced to close for good and the daily life of almost everyone disrupted in some way or other. Nobody was prepared, but we’re all doing our best right now.

Several SCB employees have lost their homes already, and more still are in danger.

Though daily activities and business for many have slowed or come to a halt, mother nature unfortunately has not stopped, and 2020 has seen a variety of natural disasters, some of the most recent and devastating of which are the wildfires occurring in the USA. Smoke from fires hundreds of kilometres away have blanketed Vancouver and much of southern BC, leaving a smoky haze in the air and some of the worst air quality in the world, but we’re lucky that we’re as yet not directly affected by any fires.

Help the folks at Santa Cruz that have been displaced by donating to their fundraiser today.

Our friends down in Santa Cruz, California have not been so lucky. As one of our longest standing brands, we’ve been in partnership with Santa Cruz Bicycles since pretty much the very beginning, over 20 years. Santa Cruz have been amazing to us over the years both as a company and as friends, and it’s devastating to see the effects of the fires on it’s employees. 44 have been evacuated from their homes with at least four confirmed to have lost their homes entirely to the fires and the others likely will have to wait weeks to months to return to their homes.

Santa Cruz Field Marketing superstar Garen Becker’s house aflame after personally fighting the fire for 3 days.

Though the good folks of Santa Cruz are not members of our local Vancouver community, they have helped us and many of our customers out many times over the years and are upstanding members of the cycling community, pioneering schemes such as Paydirt where they are committing $1m to trail schemes over the next three years. Here at Steed we believe in karma, and we feel the need to help them through this hardship, so we’re calling on our customers and community to help too.

Win a pro photo shoot with our Marketing Manager Geoff!

Follow this link to the gofundme fundraiser for SCB employees affected by the fire to please give as much as you are can. As well as our own personal donation, we are also giving away a pro photoshoot with our Marketing Manager Geoff Livingston worth $500, and a pair of Maxxis tires worth $240 to two lucky donors. All you have to do is DM us a screenshot of your donation or share a screenshot of your donation in your Instagram/Facebook stories and tag us in it! You can find the links to our social accounts at the bottom of this page. Thank you everyone for all of your help.

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