Pretty & Gritty Ride Recap


April 19th saw the second monthly Steed All Women All Mountain ride.  Mother Nature was much kinder to us than our launch ride, and we were welcomed at the bottom of Seymour by sunny skies and temperatures of 16 degrees plus.

We had over 20 women show up for this ride, and divided the group into two, based on climbing speed.  We were joined at the trailhead by the NS Ride Club, who was holding their season opener that day.  Quite a sight to see a climbing train 50 deep making their way up Old Buck!


On the schedule were two laps of Seymour, one descending C-Buster to the now finished Asian Adonis, then halfway up Severed-D via the Penny Lane Climb.  So good to see these trails all coming together in new ways via climbing trails.  A shout out to trail builders Martin Newman and Penny Deck for all their hard work of late.   A second lap up Old Buck put us at the top of Dales, a challenging trail for many.   It was great to see women sessioning the rock faces and conquering trail lines they hadn’t ridden before.

Shimano was the sponsor of this month’s ride, and the lucky Siobhan Fox won the 4L Shimano Enduro Race back pack.   Big thank you to Elladee Brown!


#steedprettyandgritty INSTAGRAM/FB CONTEST:  Next month’s sponsor of our ride is Race Face.  Stay tuned for details and post your photos!  You want to win this!

NEXT MONTH’S RIDE:  We have a few conflicts with our Sunday ride next month, one being Mother’s Day, and the second being the North Shore Enduro race.  So we will move the ride to Saturday, May 9th @ 10 am.   Current plans are to preride the North Shore Enduro course.  This will be a great experience for those of you curious about the Enduro race format.  Come try it out!

 PACE:  Now that we have a few rides under our belt, we’ve got a better idea of how to pace the rides.  This month’s ride was a good indication of our A and B group pace.  If you were struggling with the B group pace of the ride, we suggest you leave ahead and meet us at the top.  We’d love to descend with you.  The goal of our rides is to keep a steady climbing pace for most of the ride, stopping only on the descents as needed to evaluate lines, features, etc.