World Cup 2012

March 17th, 2012

You know what they say about opinions… well this podcast has three of them!

Welcome to the first Steed Cycles Podcast (from here on out referred to as the ‘SteedCAST’), where your hosts, Tristan Olk, Scott Pilecki, and Dave O’Dowd sit down to discuss all the most recent happenings and trends in teh biking.

It will be the best of times, it will be the worst of times, and sometimes it will seem like it was written by a bunch of monkeys on typewriters; but most of all it’s a solid hour of entertainment for your earholes.

This week in SteedCAST no. 1 we cover the most important thing in biking right now… WORLD CUP!!! So hit play and let’s start on the gossip…..


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