Indoor Cycling During COVID-19

We’re living in unprecedented times right now, and we were hoping to have kicked off Ride Club by now – the first ride should have been this past Sunday the 5th April. That didn’t happen, but we’re still hoping we can hit the ground running later in the year. Keep an eye on our social media feeds to see what happens on that front, obviously we can’t promise anything.

The weather is getting better right now, and many people are getting out on their bikes and riding. Trainer season ended last month in theory, but it’s gotten a second wind. A lot of people we know are back on their trainers – perhaps they would just rather not cycle outside due to the risk of themselves or a family member contracting COVID-19, or maybe they just don’t want to risk injury and place our medical services under any extra burden. Either way, we totally respect that decision, and riding an indoor trainer is a great idea if you don’t want to ride outdoors right now.

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Join us for our recently re-launched Stay At Home Workouts!

If you’re new to indoor cycling and want to learn more about what trainer might work for you and how to use them, check out our trainer blog post!

Zwift Stay At Home Workouts

Due to these new circumstances, our Zwift regular Sunday group rides are back on a Sunday again, just with a new name. Zwift is a great way to ride with people virtually or simply challenge yourself without leaving the house, and right now it’s probably one of the best things you can do to stay active with everyone else in ride club. Here’s what Peter Kobzar, the organiser/leader has to say about the series:

“It is important to note that the event is tagged as a Ride and not a Race.  Given the state of affairs, we treat the situation as an extension of the off season.  Nobody needs to ‘peak’ for anything — we are just trying to stay fit.  So the training is framed as ‘sweet spot’ effort to maintain base and keep yourself relatively fit.  We typically hold a 3 W/kg pace for about 10 – 12 minutes and then back off a bit for a few minutes to actively recover.  After an hour of riding, the pace is ‘riders choice’ where it up to each participant to choose their ride for the final 10 mins.  Some riders use this to hammer out a PR or settle a rivalry with another rider, but most use it to just maintain a training pace or slowly cool down.  I find the events really fun, and find for most people that most of the effort is just showing up.  Once there, the energy of group riding will take over.”

The rides are an hour later than usual, starting at 9:35am – stay tuned into our social media for the links to each ride. Thanks again to Peter Kobzar for leading and for getting our slot set up again! See below for the full schedule – we are currently trialling it until the end of April at which point we will evaluate whether or not to continue based on whether or not there’s the interest/capacity to continue.

5 April 2020 – 9:35am. Leader – Chris Mallinson

12 April 2020 – 9:35am. Leader – Peter Kobzar.

19 April 2020 – 9:35am. Leader  – Peter Cross.

26 April 2020 – 9:35am. Leader – Chris Mallinson. Link below:

wahoo indoor trainer

Eric Hung (Steed Race Team) has a pretty sweet trainer setup, but you don’t need to go this crazy!

Indoor Workouts

There are plenty of other ways to get your workouts indoors. If you have a smart trainer and Zwift, you can simply log in and use one of their set workout plans to get fit or stay fit. There are also other indoor cycling apps such as Trainerroad and Sufferfest that offer a slightly different experience. Check out our Trainer article for more information on these different apps. There are plenty of other websites, youtubers etc. offering workout classes. Tag Cycling for instance, an indoor cycling studio based in North Vancouver and Whistler are now offering free online workout videos. Not only this but they also have live streamed workouts that you can join. All you need is a bike and smart trainer, or a dumb trainer and a bike with a power meter.

So there you have it, hopefully you have some inspiration for how you can keep fit at home, and maybe join us on our Zwift rides!

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