Dogs of Steed Cycles – BCSPCA fundraiser

Here at Steed Cycles we love animals, and supporting our local community is important to us. BC SPCA West Vancouver do an amazing and important job taking care of homeless, neglected and abused animals. We know our customers love animals just as much as we do, whether they have a trail dog that goes on every ride, a cat that prefers to stay at home or simply want to help donate, we hope you can help us out!

Follow the link here to see our fundraising page and donate to the cause!

Geoff and Luna

Luna loves a lap of Boundary as much as the next dog!

Luna is a three year old Golden Labradoodle that Geoff and Åsa have had since she was a puppy. Luna loves walks, sleep ins and bike rides! She even has her own Instagram account – check it out here.

Paul and Bogey

“Bogey is an (almost) 11 year old English Chocolate Labrador – he was born Friday March 13th 2009 – his 11th birthday this year will also be on a Friday the 13th so Friday the 13th is a lucky day as far as I’m concerned!

Bogey looks majestic here, but he’s a big goofball who loves food!

Bogey’s favourite thing to do is meet people on his walks, especially if they are wearing safety gear! Postal Workers, Flaggers, Crossing Guards etc. they are all fair game, and make sure your hands are not in your pockets as he will automatically assume you have a treat hidden there just for him!”

Help your local animal shelter today by donating to BCSPCA and make some homeless animals happier!

Mike and Kaia

Mike is now a proud dog-dad

Kaia may have been homeless once upon a time, but these days she spends her time paddleboarding, hiking, napping, and eating home-cooked meals by her Dad, Mike.

Scott and Sadie

Sadie loves a good bike ride and is always raring to go!

Sadie is another rescue – Scott and Teresa have had her for just over a year. They’re not really sure what she is but she might have some wild dog in her, either way she’s FAST. Sadie is a trail dog and is usually at the front of the pack – keeping up with her on a ride can be tough work!

Sam and Jasper

Jasper is in his happy place when he’s bounding down a bike trail!

Sam and Jasper are technically housemates – Brett and Natalia are his owners. Jasper is a rescue dog, and while he’s a bit of a nervous boy particularly around roads, he loves to come riding with us. His happy place is running behind us on the trail (especially slow tech trails where he can keep up) or at home in one of his many beds. Check out Jasper’s Instagram here.

Brek and Jack

Brek and Jack are very alike big and scary, until you get to know them… 😉

Jack is 175 pounds of lean mean slobbering machine.  If he could hibernate in the summer and spend his winters in the snow covered mountains, he would be a happy puppy.

Erica and Bodhi & Charlie

Erica doesn’t ride with her dogs but they get out adventuring all the time!

Erica doesn’t work at Steed but she’s a committed ride club member so she deserves some space here!
“Not only are these guys intelligent, but they are also loyal, protective, gentle, and the best companions a girl could ask for!
There is no better cross training parter in the world, than 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks! These guys have been pushing me up mountains for years, and all of a sudden I can jump on a bike and quality for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships! (With a little help from Steed Cycles).”
You can find Erica’s instagram here with plenty of photos of Charlie and Bodhi!

Help your local animal shelter today by donating to BCSPCA and make some homeless animals happier!

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