Staff Bike Check – Scott’s Megatower

scott campbell steed cycles megatower

Scott loves his Santa Cruz Megatower!

Welcome to the first post of what is hopefully many in our new Bike Check series! Here at Steed we’re super lucky to be able get our hands on some super cool bikes and parts. This means that sometimes our bikes can be a little out of the norm in the best possible way, and we think it’s worth sharing with you guys!

Our service manager Scott loves his Santa Cruz Megatower. He bought it right after launch and wasn’t disappointed. While he admits that it’s a lot of bike for him, it’s his daily ride and is a great bike for the shore and a much better all rounder than you might expect. Despite the big wheels, it still handles the tight janky riding on the shore and corners way better than expected. He’s left wondering how he could improve on it and if anything else would indeed be an upgrade?

steed cycles scott campbell megatower

Scott’s bike has some cool customisations going on!

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Let’s start with the most obvious thing – the decals! Santa Cruz provide decal kits in a range of colours to customise your bike (available in store). Instead of going right over the top, he staggered them to give it that cool 80s throwback look. We all think it looks awesome!

steed cycles scott campbell megatower

We all love the throwback decals Scott has fitted!

The cockpit set-up is super important on any bike, as it’s one of the places that you’re always in contact with the bike. As such it can define whether or not you’re comfortable on the bike and can make or break the feel of the bike for you. Scott has opted for Ergon grips for that optimised hand position, a Race Face Atlas stem and OneUp’s carbon bars for some extra compliance and comfort.

Sram G2 brake

Cockpit set-up is super important, so Scott has his dialled.

Those of you with eagle-eyes might have noticed the Sram G2 brakes rather than the stock Codes. Scott has fitted these as though they’re a little less powerful than the Codes, they have a lot more modulation, which he prefers. Though you can feel the slight power difference on big bike park days, that only makes up a small amount of his riding, so he doesn’t mind.

He’s also changed up the Fox 36 fork for a Rockshox Lyrik. The 36 is a great fork, but Scott is a Rockshox fan all the way. He opted for the Lyrik to match the Super Deluxe on the rear and he loves the Charger 2.1 damper.

sram G2 brake

Sram G2 brakes take the stopping duties here.

If you’d like to talk to us about bike fit or about custom builds/upgrades, don’t hesitate to get in touch or come see us in store. We have a bunch of super experienced staff on hand that can help you get your bike to where it needs to be!

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