Steed All Women All Mountain MTB Ride Group

Steed All Women All Mountain MTB Ride Group

2017 Season is starting soon. Join us on Saturday March 18th for our first ride with the Juliana Ride Out. Party that night to launch our Women’s MTB Ride Group.

Details Here.

What Is #AllWomenAllMountain?

A ride club for women who are already comfortable on their mountain bikes and looking for a solid crew of girls to ride with.

Who should come ride with Us?

You don’t mind suffering on the climbs, want to get faster on the descents, and need a little inspiration to ride that which scares you. All Women All Mountain is a ride club for intermediate to advanced level riders who are looking to progress their skills and fitness. Riders should be comfortable riding trails like Expresso (don’t have to clean it but can ride most features), and should be comfortable riding distances of 20-25 km on trail without feeling crushed.


Who we are:

Ann Yew – reformed endurance junkie transitioning to challenging my downhill skills.  Been riding and racing for the last 16 years. XC, Road and CX. Currently focusing on Enduro.Certified MTB instructor (Level 1).

Monika Marx – owner of Marx Conditioning. Been riding for 12 years. Love training, fitness and lifting heavy things. Have tried many formats of MTB racing, including DH, XC, multi-day and Enduro. Currently focused on having fun.Certified MTB instructor (Level 1).

Calindy Ramsden – Grew up riding and racing in cross country races and that grew to a love of marathon races and multi day stage races. I have switched gears now and focus mostly on trail riding and pushing my technical riding. When I’m not riding you can find me skiing, hiking and getting outside any way that I can. Certified MTB Instructor (Level 1).

Not sure if this is for you?

Come try riding with us! We won’t drop you, but we will encourage you to find your inner all-mountain athlete.


Ride schedule:

Monthly rides, in town and out of town. Keep up to date on this page.


15% off full priced products at Steed Cycles.

Guided trail rides both locally and out of town.

Cool girls to ride with.

Cost: Free

More info:

Dates for 2017 Rides:

March 18
April 22
May 13
June 10