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Package Details:

NEW BIKE FEEL       $325

 Make your bike good as new. We’ll perform a complete rebuild, install any new parts, and get you rolling with brand new grips or bar tape.

The new bike feel includes everything in the annual service & cleaning and:

  • Full strip down, overhaul and set up of the entire bike
  • Evaluate consumables and recommend replacements as needed (tires, tubes, saddle, cables, housing, brake pads and drivetrain components)
  • Installation of all parts purchased in store needed to achieve the new bike feel
  • Bar tape or grips up to $40 value


 Preventative care is the best performance policy. With this service we’ll strip, clean, and lube all of the gears, polish the frame, set up your brakes and true and tension the wheels.

The annual service & cleaning includes everything in a basic service and:

  • Complete drivetrain removal, clean in parts washer, setup and lube
  • Polish the frame


Think of this as your bike’s basic check up. We’ll set up your brakes and gears, plus give the wheels a true and tension.

The basic service includes everything in a safety check and:

  • Adjust and lube gears
  • Adjust brakes / clean and lube pistons
  • Both wheels trued and tensioned in truing stand

SAFETY CHECK       $45

Give yourself peace of mind. This service doesn’t include any new parts or cleaning. It’s a simple check to ensure that everything is in working order. If we find anything we’ll get you an estimate.

  • Complete visual inspection, frame, tires, cables and housings
  • Full bolt/fastener/QR check
  • Ensure all components are correctly installed
  • Align handlebars
  • Inflate tires to recommended pressure
  • Lube and wipe chain
  • Measure the chain for wear