Dan Gronross

Dan Gronross

Category: Road Cat 3, CX Cat 2

Best Achievement: 2nd Place Finish at 2013 UBC Crit as part of BC Super Week

Goals for 2014: To enjoy racing again.

What makes you smile while riding your bike: Going fast, and the knowledge that it is my legs got me to there.

What is your spirit animal: The raven: People can find me kind of annoying, I will eat pretty much anything and I am unusually intelligent. (Or at least I think so…)

If you could ride with 3 people (alive or dead) who would it be: I don’t like riding with dead people so…Stephan Harper: So I could rip his legs off. Tom Boonen: As my girl know’s he is my man crush. Kim Steed: The world needs more Kim Steed… and he is my real life man crush.