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Cervelo S3 Disc – Aero Disc Bike

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9th January

We’ve taken everything that makes the S3 such an aero class leader and made it stronger, stiffer and ultimately, faster. Cervélo only launches a new bike when significant performance gains have been made

Cali Trip 2015

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23rd May

This years traditional spring road bike trip to California had us land in the small town of Guerneville, nestled between Santa Rosa and the rugged coastline. This was our base for sleep, big pre ride breakfasts and post ride burrito comas. We had four full days to ride and we were going to make the most of it!


Chasing a dream…

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30th August

I had some pretty defined goals this year and obviously I had wanted to make sure that I worked hard enough to attain them.  This journey has thrown its fair share of curve balls (baseball analogy in a cycling blog?  Well I guess they are linked by doping so why not!) over the course of the year many of them seem to have worked themselves out.

Where have I been, what have I done and what have I learned over this last 6 months you might ask?  I could honestly go on for hours, at length (and in some cases have) of the knowledge that I have accumulated in that time, but for the sake of your reading I will break it down into the ten most important points. 

For a little context I will list the goals I … Read More »

3 Kings…

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12th August

(All photo credits go to Brett Wakefield.  While he can’t change a flat quickly, he can mange some good Instagrammable photos while riding.)

But wise men?  After a late night ride acceptance found me standing on the corner of the corner of Taylor Way and Marine Drive in West Vancouver at 6 am, I questioned my sanity in embarking on what I had agreed to.

After being pestered all week via text messages from Brett I folded and found myself on a trip from Langdale Terminal on the Sunshine Coast to Powell River and back in one day.  The internet said that it would be roughly 160 km round trip.  I had been reassured several times by the Aussies (Rob and Matt) that the trip was worth it and that I would enjoy myself.  Island dwellers are never to be trusted.   Never … Read More »

BC Super Week – Steed Cycles Team

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1st August

It has been an eternity since Super Week has finished here in and around Vancouver.  Races span from Vancouver, to Burnaby, to Delta and finally to the boarder town of Whiterock.

The races that you can enter depend on your Category.  Most of the Team, Erin Redl excluded fall in the Cat 3/4 region, with Erin coming in a solid Cat 2.

The following are a bunch of photos taken by Scott Robarts during the UBC Grand Prix and the final race in Whiterock.




The Road Travelled Thus Far….

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14th May

April 18th, 2013

Or in my case, the best laid plans go to waste.

As I type this I had hoped to be packing for the Tour of Walla Walla in the far south east of Washington state.  But instead I am on the mend from a stomach issue that I am told happens to all racers at some point in their lives.  So basically I chalk that up to me being some what pro!  If stomach issues can sideline seasoned pro’s like Tom Boonen, then obviously that puts me up in their ranks.

All joking aside, I had to take the month of April off racing so that I could properly recover after each race.  To some this would be an easy feat, but ask my girlfriend and she will definitely tell you otherwise.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this, I … Read More »

Steed Cycles Ride Club 2013

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6th May

May 6, 2013

Hello road cycling enthusiasts!

Road riding is an excellent way to get outdoors and have fun. Rides can vary from a Sunday afternoon ‘noodle’ around the local park, to an all day effort in preparation for a Gran Fondo. In every instance, we think it’s always better with friends! 2013 will mark the second year of the Steed Cycles Ride Club, and we’d be thrilled if you joined us.

Club Benefits:

As a member of the club, we will have planned semiweekly group rides (Wednesday evening and Sunday morning) led by a dedicated Steed Cycles Ride Leader. Three groups are planned, ‘Novice’ for those averaging close to 20 km/h, ‘Intermediate’ for those who average in the mid 20’s, and ‘Advanced’ for the guys and gals that average around 30 km/h and just want to hammer. These rides offer a great opportunity … Read More »

Steed Cycles Team Report – Spring Series RR #1 Aldergrove

6th March

March 5, 2013

Road racing is like chess at 38 km/hr. And I don’t know how to play chess.

This past Sunday ushered in the start of Escape Velocity’s Annual Spring Series Race Season with the Aldergrove RR in the sticks of the Lower Mainland.

It is still early in the season so only many of the other Steed Cycles Team were still hibernating, washing their hair or getting one of the last fixes of the white stuff. For those that attended, Eric Hung, Kelly Jones (in a supporting role) and I, the sun gods gave the racers an early season gift with nothing but sun. Okay, it wasn’t all perfect solar goodness as there was a stiff side wind blowing from the America’s to the south that left all the racers scrambling for the coveted slipstream.

The course was basically a square with … Read More »

Do you hate the sounds fingernails make on the chalkboard?

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30th January

January 27, 2013

In Vancouver I don’t know that you can claim that winter is in full effect. If people were to ask you, “so how much snow is on the ground?”, or “how many layers of down do you have on?” answering its 5 degrees, I am wearing a T-shirt, and do you mean is there snow on the mountains would probably not contribute to their thoughts of winter. But, as Vancouverites we are still in what we call winter. This means any possible mix of weather situations, the worst of all being between 2 and 5 degrees and raining. This weather is worse than you’re -20 in Edmonton because the cold literally is felt through to your bones!

Yesterday I went out for a winter road ride. One of my friend’s that I often mountain bike with was getting his … Read More »

Video: 2013 Specialized S-works Venge

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9th November

November 9, 2012

Video: 2013 Specialized S-works Venge
Specialized’s Chris Riekert walks us through the 2013 S-Works Venge aero race bike.

Flyers off the front. Monster pulls. All-out sprints to the line. Venge riders absolutely live for this stuff—that’s why they demand complete performance: the winning formula of weight, stiffness, and aerodynamics. The Venge’s competition-crushing combo of Tarmac-inspired stiffness and light weight with Shiv-inspired aerodynamics keeps them ahead of the competition. The Venge truly is your race day weapon.

Want to know what makes the bike so different? Check out the Facts and Features here:

For more information on the Specialized Venge family of Bikes, including the full line, visit

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